These are game ideas that were submitted to us by various site readers, either via email or posted on the message board. If a person submits enough game ideas that eventually get posted, he/she might get a dedicated page, but for now, we'll keep them here.

  • Cryptkeeper: Revenge by RKB22NOW
  • Dark Mirror by Nosyarg
  • Island Wars by AK476000
  • Java and Lava by death616
  • Journey to Earth by P Harmon
  • Max Hotel 1 by Max the Awesome
  • Minland by Brave Auron
  • Mudhog by Adam Tryweek
  • New Racing Game Idea by JRAY2K
  • Ocean Life Sim by Cara B.
  • Spoof by FioMnsfld
  • They Have to Kill You to Train You by The Flavored Coffee Guy

  • Cryptkeeper: Revenge

    By: RKB22NOW

    PC Mature

    In this game you play as a person who kills a lot of things. The Cryptkeeper has been disturbed by you looking in his tomb and he is siccing all of his ghosts and monsters on you! You have to be stealthy to kill them all. You can't just go up and kill them all with a sword or something. You have a knife...a tiny little knife. You must use your head to think about what you can do to kill this big thing. For example: you find some rope, a giant rock, and a smoke bomb. You are in a room with a lot of beams of wood. Tie the rock to the rope and pull it up on a beam. Hide in a corner so the monster doesn't see you. Throw the smoke bomb so the monster won't see the rope. When the monster walks under the rock, drop it. It should be knocked out. NOW kill it.

    Developed and Published by Mind Inc.

    Intense Violence
    Strong language
    Blood And Gore

    Dark Mirror

    By: Nosyarg

    The game is Survival Horror based. You play as a boarding school student named Emily who one day finds this old mirror that pulls her into this other world of her school where there's no working lights, the sky is red, and there's demonic students who threaten the girl's life. The students are very creepy and do some disturbing things like write on the walls with blood or do some really sick things. All the demon students can't stand the light and the flashlight Emily has can work as a defence to blind demons. You can also use found objects as weapons such as a fire poker, a pair of scissors, or an old revolver. It may sound easy but the demons are much harder to kill then you think and can trick you. You can also hide from them behind desks or in bathroom stalls. If you make noise then they will come after you. Emily has to find away to escape the hellish nightmare.

    When beating the game you can unlock 4 costumes you wear in her locker. The first costume is a regular outfit, second is a gym uniform, third is something cute and funny for a school play, and fourth is a red dress for a school dance.

    Island Wars

    By: AK476000

    In this game there are no levels. Players always start as a single character with no weapons or armor. There are basic items you can find in the game to improve your odds of winning battles. You have 4 spots on your body where you can equip items. Head, Body, LH & RH. Basic weapons are: Bow & Arrow, Sword, Shield, Armor and Helmet. Bow & Arrow takes up LH, RH, and body spots but Archers may equip their head. Shield, Helmet, and Armor all do the same thing. They increase your defense by 50% and the effects are cumulative. You may equip 2 shields. Ex: If you equipped 2 shields, armor and helmet your defense would be increased by 200%. A sword increases your attack by 50%. You may equip 2 swords and the effects of this would cumulative as well giving you a 100% attack increase. Bow and arrows give you an attack range of 5 spaces and have the same attack as if you had no weapon equipped.

    The map will consist of islands that will be of various shapes, sizes and features. I'm thinking the map will be a hexagonal grid. Players move at a speed of 1 hexagon per second on land. Players can see in a radius of 20 hexagons. Islands or water can have rock hexagons that are impassable. I was thinking graphics would be something like warcraft 2. (using squares instead of hexagons may be better) Every hexagon will have any x/y number associated with it.

    Islands will have permanent structure areas on them. permanent structures are housing and docks. Housing will take up a space of 4 Hexagons. A dock will take up a space of 6 hexagons along a coast. Islands may have multiple docks and multiple housing. An average island will have 6 housing and 1 dock but any combination could be on an island as island will be many shapes and sizes.

    Housing spaces will start their life uncontrolled by anyone and are doing nothing. If a player walks up and touches a house they now control it. Houses generate and support 1 NPC character. When first taken control of, if controlled by nobody else, it will produce 1 NPC immediately as long as it has not produced an NPC within the last 5 minutes. In this situation when the 5 min expires it will produce the NPC. If a house is not supporting an NPC it will generate an NPC in 5 minutes. An NPC is a character that is controlled by a player. An NPC must be supported by a house to stay alive. You can change the house that it is supported by if you put it next to a house that is not supporting anything. If control of the house that is supporting the NPC is lost by the player or clan controlling the NPC it will die in 5 mins after the event. That house will then produce another NPC in 5 mins.

    Dock will generate a ship in the same way that a house produces and NPC. Same support rules apply. A ship can only travel on water. A ship can hold 8 characters on it. The ship is controlled by a player character that is at the wheel of the ship. (I may make it a game option whether or not players can control a ship using a controlled NPC.) A ship moves 1 hex every 2 seconds making it half the speed of a character. If ships are next to each other characters can move between ships or even fight each other. Same rules regarding support for houses and NPCs apply to docks and ships. If a ship is scuttled (dies) with characters on it, those characters die. There will be a countdown warning when NPCs and ships are dying.

    Houses or Docks can be destroyed by and character by using a pillage ability. Houses or docks automatically rebuild themselves in 30 mins. You may re-pillage buildings before they are completed. this will make the 30 min counter start over. Obviously a pillaged building cannot support anything. If you control a building you can choose to stop supporting its unit. In this case the building will produce a new unit in 10 mins.

    A player character can walk on water and a graphic will show them on a small sail boat when they are doing this. They will travel at normal speed when doing this. (1 hex per second) An NPC character does not have this ability. (They are too stupid to control such a small craft. Note: This is a major component in game balancing)

    A player may control an unlimited amount of NPCs. A player can see everything the NPCs they control see. (20 Hex radius) There is a catch. If an NPC moves beyond a 20 hex radius of its controlling player a couple of things can now happen. It is possible that a new player starting up will take control if the NPC. In this situation the NPC becomes a player and is now a player character controlled by the upstart player. If the NPC is a member of a clan (clans will be explained later) then the new player starts as a member of that clan. The second possibility is the NPC will be taken control of by another clan member that is closest to the NPC and that player is within the 20 hex radius of the NPC. Players can voluntarily transfer control of their NPCs to other players if the player being transferred to is within a 20 hex radius of the transferring player and the NPC being transferred. If a player in a clan dies, NPCs and buildings he/she controls will now be controlled by the closest clan member to respective building/NPC. If a player dies who is not in a clan or the player is the last member of a clan all controlled NPCs die and ships sink. Buildings become uncontrolled in this case.

    A clan can be created by any player at anytime as long as he/she is not already a leader of a clan. Clans can be as small as one person up to an unlimited amount of members. The person who starts the clan by default becomes the clan leader. There are 5 different classes of members players could possibly be within a clan. These are: Leader, Vice Leader, Commander, Officer and Member. There is always just one leader per clan but there can be an unlimited amount of the other classes. Leader: Can selects color of clan. Can select name of the clan. Can control clan to clan diplomacy. Can make any clan class assignments. Can expel any members from the clan. Can adjust the clan profile. Can relinquish leadership of the clan or disband the clan. (Clan can only be disbanded if the leader is the only member) Can recruit new clan members.

    Vice Leader: Can select color of clan. Can select name of the clan. Can control clan to clan diplomacy. Can assign classes to lower members. Can expel any lower class members from the clan. Can adjust the clan profile. Can recruit new clan members.

    Commander: Can assign classes to lower members. Can expel any lower class members from the clan. Can recruit new clan members.

    Officer: Can recruit new clan members. Officers cannot expel members.

    Member: This person is simply just a member of the clan with no recruiting powers.

    Clan to clan diplomacy can be controlled between leaders and/or vice leaders of clans. All clans start with a neutral status to each other. Clans can declare war on each other at any time. Warring clans can end wars if a leader/vice leader of each clan agree to this. This can only be done if leaders/vice leaders are within 20 hex of each other. Leaders/vice leaders can agree to an alliance. Again they must be within 20 hex to do this. Any Leader/vice leader can end and alliance they are in at any time. When member of a clan, a graphic will show weather a characters are Allied, Neutral or if you are at war with that character. A different graphic will be shown if a character is not a member of a clan. If you are not a member of a clan none of these graphics will apply to you.

    In this game any character can attack any character at anytime. Allies or wars don't really matter when it comes to battle. Players may try to take control of clans by attempting to kill their own leaders.

    Any clan member except the leader can leave the clan at anytime. Clan members can change clans at anytime. To do this they can either be asked to join by a recruiting officer or they can ask to join and then must be accepted by an officer or higher class. These overtures can only be performed if parties are within 20 hex of each other. All clan members will be informed when a clan member dies or leaves the clan. All clan members will be informed of officer changes. All members will be informed of any expulsions. There is a hierarchy within the clan classes if there are multiple members that are of the same class. For example if there are 3 commanders one of them will be 1st commander, one will be 2nd commander and one will be 3rd commander. The only reason for this is if the clan leader dies or relinquishes leadership there will always be a line of who leadership passes too unless the leader is the last member. If there were no Vice hosts and the leader died the 1st commander would become the leader. This applied to all of the classes including members. There may be only the leader and just other members in a clan and in this case if the leader died the 1st member would be the new leader. If the leader dies and there are no other clan members then the clan simply ceases to exist.

    The battle system in this game is quite simple. All characters only have 1 hit point and if an attack is successful they die. Unless a character has a ranged weapon they will have to be right next to the other character to attack them. A character may do 1 attack every 5 seconds. Characters with ranged weapons can't move 2 seconds before an attack and 2 seconds after an attack. Ranged weapons have a 5 hex range. If 2 players are attacking each other at the same time then both attacks are made simultaneously. The odds of an attack being successful are even 1-1 odds if both players are unarmed. A ranged attack has the same odds as an unarmed attack. Whatever the attack and defense modifiers for the attack are change the odds of the attack being successful. Here are some examples. If a person with a sword attacks a person without any defense items the odds of success are 3 to 2 because the odds of successful attack increased by 50% because of the sword. If a ranged attacker attacks a person wearing Armor and holding a shield then the odds of successful attack would be 1 to 2 because defense odds increased by 100%. If a person with a sword attacked a person with 2 shields and a helmet then the odds would be 3 to 5. We make include some very rare weapons and armor in the game that have higher modifiers.

    If a character dies, the items he/she has will be left for anyone to pick up. A character cannot carry any items that are not equipped.

    In game communication will be limited. You may instant message any character within you visual range. (20 hex radius) Any communication beyond that with have to be made by writing and delivering letters. Players may write letters and give them to other players or characters to deliver to a distant player. Players/characters may carry, store, or copy an unlimited amount of letters. The letter writer seals the letter before giving it to the delivery character. An unread letter has a status of sealed. When someone reads it, it will then have a status of unsealed. Letters may be intercepted by enemies or a not so loyal delivery person. Game messages like clan expulsions will be common knowledge within the clan. There may be some world messages as well. Islands within the clan that change hands by either conquering or by losing it to other characters will be displayed by a clan instant message. You cannot take control of Allied islands. You take control of an island by eliminating all enemy characters on that island and having one of you characters stand on the island.

    While in the game the only communication that is allowed between players is in game communication. Any other networking between players of any kind while in the game (this includes the lobby) is strictly prohibited. Moderators will infiltrate these networks and issue penalties to all players involved. (Banned for a certain period of time or indefinitely if abuses are repeated.) This will be hard to police and minor offenders may be tolerated (I know friends love to chat) but its large teams of players who obviously plan strategy in this way will be under the largest microscope. There will be an option in the lobby players can click if they wish to communicate outside of the game. When they click this they are now free to do as they please but game start option 4 (join previous clan) will no longer be available.

    This game will have fog of war. Players will have no information on areas they have not seen. Areas in fog of war however will show who is in control of islands, island names and last known information on houses, docks and terrain. Islands may be named or renamed by the player/clan in control of the island if they are on the island. Highest ranking clan member on an island only, has naming authority. Players will have a 200 hex radius mini map.

    When joining the server players will have options on how they want to enter the game. They can join by themselves or join at the same time together with other players. There will be a chat lobby where players can communicate. Players and Groups of players will have options when joining the game.

    Option 1: Join the game in a random location not as a member of a clan. This option is always available.

    Option 2: Join the game in a random remote location not as a member of a clan. (At least 40 hex away from any other player) This option may not be available on a crowded server.

    Option 3: Join a random existing clan. This option should be available most of the time. May not be available if there are not enough available NPCs in any one clan . Notes: Clans have the option to immediately expel you or kill you. Supporting houses for NPCs taken control of in this way will not produce another NPC for 30 minutes. This gives clans a little more incentive to include these members. The biggest clans will be the most likely of this happening too. If a non clan player has a high number of NPCs this can happen to them also.

    Option 4: Rejoin your previous clan. This option is not available if there are no available NPCs, if the clan no longer exists or if you have never been a clan member. 30 min house NPC production rule applies. This option is not available for group join. If no clan controlled NPCs are 20 hex away from your clan members then the clan leader can be given the option to let you rejoin. If the leader accepts, joining player will assume control of an NPC that is controlled by the player in the clan with the most NPCs. This is not possible if the clan controls no NPCs.

    Option 5: Randomly choose an available option. Note: For options 1 and 2 you are not taking control of an existing NPC. The character simply appears out of thin air.

    There will be several goals of the game and stats to be kept. These include:

    The oldest clan.
    The clan who controls the most houses and docks. (combined total #)
    The clan who controls the most rare weapons/armor.
    The clan who has killed the most neutral or enemy characters.
    The player who has killed the most characters.
    The player who controls the most rare weapons/armor.
    The player who controls the most NPCs.
    The player who has lived the longest.

    These stats will be kept in a few ways. The current stats, best of the weak, best of the month, and the best of all time. Stats will be displayed in game and in Lobby. These stats will be displayed in order of best to worst. All stats for a player includes the NPCs he/she controls. Your rankings will be easily accessible.

    Another cool thing could be to have one special type of item in the game for each weapon and armor type. You could have a special sword, helmet and, bow and arrow and so on. I could put who controls these and who has controlled the longest in the game stats. Maybe they provide an increase in attack/defense of 200%.

    There are several different reasons that I think this game would be appealing. It will be well balanced. It will be very simple to learn. This game is fast paced and no leveling up is required to be competitive. Real life player to player diplomacy will be very important for players to succeed in most goals making team work essential to building a large clan. This should be a large game. My goal is to have hundreds or even thousands playing on the same map. Anything can happen. Any character has a chance to kill any other character they might come across. Weapons and Armor just help the odds a bit. You could die a minute after joining (which will be common. You can rejoin right away so it's no big deal) or you could survive a long time. Player characters moving on water will make it harder for players with a lot of NPCs to hunt weaker players. Ships only going half speed helps with this. They would have to risk player characters to catch other player characters which would put them at risk of death. This will help with the balance and help startup players to either find other players to team up with or to build their own army. The fact that you can talk to players before they can attack you will help with this. Joining as a group will help startup players also. Having stats and different goals to accomplish will mean there is always something more to accomplish in this game. Weather you dominating the world, trying to collect the special items, helping defend your clan or just trying to survive there is always a new role to be played. You may want to try to take control of your clan by assassinating leaders or split off from a clan and form your own clan using some of its members. Treachery will be rampant :) The fact that clan leaders of large clans will have to rely on other clan members for long range communication should make things very interesting. Even though you cannot see beyond your fog of war you will still receive messages informing you of clan activities. Anywhere that you have seen before that is in your fog of war you will at least be able to see who owns buildings so you will be able to see what is going on in the general area around you but to get good intelligence on enemy (or 'friendly') movements you will need to scout for yourself or rely on your friends.

    Another thing I was considering is the game map could expand and contract depending on how many players are in the game.

    Also considering an in game world chat that can be used by anyone. In a large game I may localize this to different world chats depending on what area of the world you are in. Some may use this strategically but messages will not be secret so enemies may hear. Not strongly considering this.

    Java and Lava

    By: death616

    There's 2 blob things that eat stuff, kinda like Kirby. The more they eat, the fatter, stronger, and slower they become. Some bad guys can only get hurt some places, like their back or head. When a boss gets eaten, you can press a few buttons and you become like them. Some bosses could be:

    Mr. Purplehand: A huge purple hand. He has fingers for legs that let him do big kicks.

    The Knight: There could be a knight you get to have a helmet and sword. You can use the sword and you have better defense with the helmet.

    When you die you would look skinny, and you're really fast. Once you eat something you turn fat again.

    Journey to Earth

    By: P Harmon

    What the game is about: The Jounrey to Earth is an action/adventure/puzzle game about 6 Teenagers who volunteer to take on a space trip to an uncharted planet.

    But after a failed attempt to sabotage the mission, the boys instead get accidentally launched into the Rocket a bit early and the rocket blasts to the uncharted planet.

    After a quick crash landing, the Teenagers as well as the Crates full of Oxyegon Tanks are landed at different sections of the planet.

    So the Teens now have to not only meet each other again while avoiding the creatures who inhabbit the planet, but they also have to find all the Crates so they can survive longer while they're trying to rebuild the rocket and go home.

    Gameplay: The player takes control of the Teenager they choose before the game starts. The first time you play, your fighting off the Robots that got hacked because of the Hackers who tried to sabotage the mission.

    Then, after the cutscene showing the crash and your character getting blasted into another section, the game officially begins.

    The Teen is being contacted by the oher Teens explaining how important getting the crates full of Oxyegon tanks is, and how they must find each other to rebuld the rocket and return home.

    Then the Teen being played by the player must now journey through the area their in and find the crates full of Oxyegon Crates so they survive longer on the planet.

    You see, the planet's Toxic Levels are extremely high, the selected Teen can only survive 5 days without Oxyegon.

    And the Oxyegon helmet they have is very tempory and will run out of air soon, so that's why the Teen needs to get the Crates. On the way, they'll go through 6 Terrains, Desert, Land, Jungle, Canyon, Ocean, and Mountainious plains.

    While they somewhat resemble the Terrains on earth, they have many differences. For example, the players can breathe in the ocean.

    And the Mountains are structured differently than the Mountains on Earth.

    Roads on some mountains are Spiral structured. And some Mountains are only half structured.

    And also, not only does the player have to get the crates, but they also have to fight the creatures inhabbiting the Planet.

    Plus theres the strategy puzzles they must complete advance further on in the game.

    Max Hotel 1

    By: Max the Awesome

    You play as a character that you name and spawn in a jungle. After going though a tutorial using a nota bot (a robot that helps you without the game) you find yourself in a city. There, there are other non-playable characters called MKs (which by the way stands for nothing). They help you by selling and buying stuff from you. They can also unlock items by talking to them on special days.

    After walking around town you come across Max Hotel. There you must check-in (depending on which file you choose to play, your room will be different). After 3 in-game days there is a storm, so you must stay inside. On that day you find the first secret of the hotel and explore it. There are 100+ secrets and 50+ bouns secrets. The game doesn't end, instead you continue to play secrets over and over. Secret levels can't be selected from a menu. Instead you must find them or re-find them.

    The game also has a huge city to explore. The bouns secrets would be found there. Also files can interact with each other, so the more files the better the bosses are at the end of each secret. There are also different bosses depending on the file.


    By: Brave Auron

    Imagine a civilzation. Not a huge mighty powerful one, but one on a microscopic scale. A world under your feet, where rain is bombs and ants are giant beasts. This is Minland.

    You can be either:

    The Elves =- human like beings with pointy ears and they never grow up.

    The Beetlepeople - beings with shells as hard as diamond and can become a ball.

    Goblins - gross beings who love war.

    Skeletons - beings with no skin that live underground and feed on rotting carcasses.

    Dwarfs - stout people who love mining.

    And Woodlings - wood people who have fire inside them.

    Survival is all that matters.

    Grass are forests to them and humans are like beings larger than the universe itself.

    Rain can kill you and puddles are like oceans.

    You can have jousting matches on birds and use leaves as boats.

    You can ride centipedes as trains and worms as buses.

    Spiders are horrific creatures of darkness and woodpeckers are like beings from hell.

    A rusting can is like a city and a stump is like a country.

    You can pretty much do anything. There is a lot of climbing and jumping.

    Strategy plays a big part, like protecting a dwarf who is carrying a lit match to light a candle from killer moths, or having an elf party member distract a bird while the party can get a catapult ready (a mousetrap firing a rock).

    Bits of glass is like gold to the people of Minland, so that is the currency.

    Using your surroundings is everything. You need to hop on to a water strider to get across a puddle, for example.

    Classes are:

  • Hunters (ranged weapon users)
  • Assassins (ninja like warriors)
  • Warriors (normal fighters)
  • Hermit (strong fighter who doesn't use weapons)
  • Brute (extremley strong but slow soldier)
  • Mystic (like a mage)
  • Healer (mystic but uses white magic)
  • Shaman (being who can summon creatures)

  • Mudhog

    By: Adam Tryweek

    I've thought of a game that is like Need for Speed Underground except you have trucks. In this game you would be able to get liftkits, tires, winches, bumpers...everything you can get for a real truck. Instead of racing streets you race through mudholes and see who can make it through mudholes, rivers, ponds, and anything else. You have to climb rocks and hills, too. You would be able to choose from a long line of trucks.

    New Racing Game Idea

    By: JRAY2K

    It would be awesome to combine the era specific car classes of Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed with all kinds of cars. Start in the 1930's or around there and as you compete and move up the ranks you will earn money and unlock new cars as the years pass. You will be able to go to the dealerships and special order cars with whatever options you would like to have, or you could go to used car lots looking for fixer-uppers, or you could even go to the local junkyard looking for a wrecked car to fix or used/ rare performance parts for cheap. The prices would also be time specific of course, like a brand new 1970 charger would be around $5,000 and a 2006 charger would be around $30,000 or whatever they run.

    Also, it would be like real life and have certain random cars that would be worth more money later on in the game such as the $300,000+ boss mustangs selling at Barrett-Jackson. As the years go by and the money increases, you could possibly have the chance to buy a garage or car lot and sell cars or custom build cars to make money if racing isn't your thing. You would also have a persona that you will be able to buy different clothes and accessories for, including bigger and better houses and garages as the time goes and your bankroll increases.

    It would also have to have vehicle damage. Not just visual damage, but it would affect handling and also you could have real world problems like blown engines and broken driveshafts, etc... There would be online and offline playability, unlike Motor City online. You could play offline and go online to get updates as the automotive industry comes out with new cars and parts, and you could go online to race and compete in auctions for cars and parts.

    Ocean Life Sim

    By: Cara B.

    A game like life, where you start as a small blob in the ocean, tring to grow. As you evolve, you must eat correctly, build shelter, and do lots of different stuff. You can grow to become a human, or maybe even a dog. And the good thing is, you can pick your enemies, and they can pick you.

    In the start, you're all friends, but it gets tougher as you evolve, so you need more space and food. And as you become more evolved and start thinking, it gets much tougher. As a human, you can create guns, make wars, and destroy those who have not yet evolved to your level, like a mouse or cat. And, instead of clicking on a button to build something, you must gather stuff to begin construction. Construction is like a mini game. You have to hammer nails in, saw through unwanted pieces, and connect and wire up electric stuff.

    It would be a dream for me to see this happen. It would be good to have on a computer, and maybe you could even add expansion packs (which would be awesome because it would have more parts, items, music, and more!) and open a website for it! Not exactly The Sims, but not like Evolution Squared either.


    By: FioMnsfld

    Spoof is not just an original game, it's a new genre. Like the Scary Movie trilogy, it makes fun of something serious, only it doesn't make fun of movies, it does it to games.

    One day, an 11-year-old puts every game in his brother's collection into his game console. When the disc tray closes, all the games get mixed up and the 11-year-old gets sucked in. This would allow the player to play many different types of games, while laughing lots at the same time. Some of the gags include constipated Max Payne finally being 'relieved', James Earl Cash from Manhunt accidentally killing Tony Hawk, Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2 turning into a woman and Chris Redfield from Resident Evil going into a confession booth to confess he has "Putting the Emphasis on the Wrong Word Syndrome". The list is endless.

    The gameplay fits in with lots of gameplay styles fitting to each 'section', which is devoted to a game each. Each section provides about an hour of gameplay, and with plenty of sections, this could be quite a big game. Each section is basically the game with loads and loads of gags shoved in. The goal is to tackle each game so it comes out of the disc tray. If you lose, you are trapped in the game forever. All my friends think this is a really good idea that could do really well in the games market.

    They Have to Kill You to Train You

    By: The Flavored Coffee Guy

    It all starts with the desire to save, somebody? Who, is always in question, but the mission is still dangerous, and They will have to kill you, to train you.

    The whole scope of the game centers around using a button, to get an overhead view of the situation, that allows you to switch from first person, to directly over your character, as if you were out of body.

    They lead the character to training fasility, and electrocute him. He gives up his ghost, in an obvious fashion, and they shock him agian to bring him back Earth.

    That overhead view down on your character, should never be the only means, or best means of getting through a level. It's based upon user perspectives, and intended to give you a view of a battle field that you may have to sneak through, or pending on where you are, kill em' all. You can't move objects, and you cannot materialize on the other side of a wall. But, you can pass through them, and see what's on the other side. Some walls are made of brick, and between walls is dark. So you just can't see what's in them, and when you pass through one, everything goes black in first person mode. Don't ever forget that simple fact, that they had to kill you, to train you.

    That's why when you see that dead guy in shackles, when your out of body, he's still just sitting in the same room. Some Ghosts just wanna get even, they often have passwords, etc. and you are often sent to the worst places to look for some-one. When the dead guy is insisting on staying until kills somebody, sometimes it can be beneficial. They can sometimes move objects, and pass through walls. So, getting next to a ghost as a ghost, will allow you to swap bodies, and use that character.

    Castles, Starships, it doesn't matter, where ever he's given instructions to go, he goes. He will need to go out there himself, to get some-one's attention, or bring the ship down as some other ghost pending on which planet he's on, just to get off.

    A walkthrough played in reverse starting at your individual to be rescued can be cued in the game. Although, it doesn't solve the problem of getting there so completely that the problem is solved by that walkthrough. It's just a camera's eye view, and instead of map that is your tool for finding your way through the mazes, and puzzles.

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