Ode to BJ Strykes Part 2

by SethraShnoo

Benjamin Strykes, how he likes to loaf
Benjamin Strykes, he's such a big oaf

He thinks that the kitchen's his own private hub
He lounges on the sofa and sleeps in the tub

Oh, how he likes to really hit the hay
Benjamin Strykes sleeps 24 hours a day

When he comes home from work, he jumps right into bed
If you're lying on the couch, he'll sit on your head

Benjamin Strykes, now you know I don't hate him
But you should see how funny he looks in an apron!

Benjamin Strykes has never learned to dance
He tried, but his belt broke, and down went his pants!

Benjamin Strykes, here is my final word:
Isn't this the best poem that you've ever heard?

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