The Forum Member from Hell the Astral Plane unleashes his diabolical creations on the unsuspecting universe.

  • Load Runner 64
  • Michael Jackson 3D
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction 3D

  • Load Runner 64

    Try to run as fast as you can to the restroom before you dump a load in your pants.

    Michael Jackson 3D

    With contributions from Magnus Crowe

    You play as a little boy trying to escape the Never Land ranch in an FPS game. You have to find stuff for weapons, like rocks and slingshots, and throw them at Llamas, monkeys, and other animals that get in your way. Occasionally, Michael Jackson pops out from behind something and tries to grab your ass, so fend him off as best you can. The sub-stage bosses include Bubbles the Chimp, the Elephant Man's bones (animated as a skeleton), Macauley Culkin, Latoya, and Lisa Marie Presley. At the end of each major stage, you'll fight Michael Jackson in one of his many forms, starting with the kid version of MJ when he was with the Jackson Five, and ending with a version of how he looks today. There's even a horror-themed stage where the MJ boss morphs into a werewolf. You'll have to defeat MJ by first shooting off his defenses, a la, shooters where you defeat bosses by taking them out piece-by-piece. First, go for the gloves so that he can longer grope at you and damage you, and then his surgical mask to make his face vulnerable to attack and damage.

    Background music consists of many of MJ's hit songs.

    The final boss should be a giant robot Michael Jackson that looks like what he looks like now. Each time you damage it enough, the outer shell breaks away revealing another Michael Jackson that looks like his previous incarnation. Then, it keeps going and going like that until the last form is the young MJ from the Jackson Five.

    Weapons of Mass Destruction 3D

    In this 3D platformer, you play as President George W. Bush, and you have to run around collecting WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! Look everywhere for those WMD's, including, under tables, under couch cushions, in garbage cans, subway tunnels, under beds, in your daughter's empty beer cans, gym lockers, swimming pools, sock drawers, ...those WMD's could be just about ANYWHERE!

    You must collect enough WMD's to beat the boss at the end of each level. Some of the bosses include Saddam Hussein, John Kerry, Al Gore, Michael Moore, Bill O'Reilly, and Osama Bin Laden. Each victory over a boss will let you go to another country to look for more WMDs, including the USA, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and, ultimately, the Moon.

    Watch out for attacks from car bombers and angry war protestors, and be careful not to fall off your mountain bike.

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