This is a collection of Game Ideas inspired by R-Type from various authors.

By Facilitypro:

R-Type Midterm: A prequel to R-Type Final

R-Typing: Defeat the Bydo and improve your typing skills, too.

R-Type Delta Burke: OK, maybe this one isn't such a good idea.

R-Typo: There are several misspellings in the menus.

Toys R Us-Type: Kill the Bydo, then buy a dolly.

S-Type: You fly a Jaguar instead of an R-9.

Type-R: Same as above, but with a Honda Integra.

Rē-Type: How much variance can be explained by regressing the Bydo?

R-Type I Error: Think you destroyed the Bydo when you haven't.

R-Type II Error: Think you missed the Bydo, but they are dead.

R-Typical: Your everyday, average shooter.

R-Tripe: The worst shooter ever.

R-Type Delta Gamma Kappa: A shooter and frat party all rolled into one.

R-Gripe: You just complain about the game being a memory shooter.

Art Hype: This game's fabulous pre-rendered backgrounds and beautiful FMV's are plastered across TV ads and magazine pages for a full year before the game comes out.

By Crawl and 1000:

Arrrr! Type: Cast off and loot the evil Spanish Empire!

My Type?: The futuristic dating game... for space ships!

Our Type: Kill Buckwheat with a spaceship.

Hour Type: The photo developing service on planet Bydo.

R Type + : When a bydo needs a blood transfusion.

R-Type Final Fantasy: Not the final R-Type, but rather one that leads to dozens of sequels.

Amelia R-Type: You disappear without a trace while trying to fly your R-9 around the world.

Survivor Type: The R-9 has to eat its Force armor and bits to survive.

By Flying Omelette:

B-Type: The quest for a blood transfusion.

R-Topography: Learn about the earth's mountains and various land features as you fly over and strike the evil Bydo empire.

R-Trap: It's the same exact game as R-Type, except that each time you approach a boss, Admiral Ackbar's head appears on-screen and yells, "IT'S A TRAP!!"

R-Hype: There's a lot of excitement for it, but it doesn't live up to it.

By Cloudbond007:

R-Tap: Tap dance your way to vicory over the Bydo in a galactic competition.

By jup:

R-Type Photo: Use your Eye Toy to create all the game's graphics...then shoot them out of existence.

R-Tap: Forget using the lasers. Soak the enemies down with beer until they just don't care.

"R" Type: Exactly the same game, only you must now use a keyboard as an interface, making sure that you type out each foe's ID word to blast it to pieces before it open fires on you. (Think space shooter version of Typing of The Dead.)

R-Gripe: Very similar game to R-Type, only the pilot is so ticked off that he's constantly swearing to vent his anger.

Arm-Snipe: It's the latest weapon upgrade! (yeah!) With it, your ship can now work with two long, mechanical arms that pack giant, hand held missile launchers. They can also grab ahold of enemy forces and toss them against the walls to help protect your ship from attack.

Tar-Type: You have the ultimate in human attack technology for your arsenal...a gigantic, hovering steam roller. Any enemy or their method of attack doesn't stand a chance, should it come in contact with your massive wheels. Watch as those fearsome foes turn into aerial discus cakes, just for tangling with the likes of you. Speed is a problem, though. You can get a few construction signs and flagmen for upgrades.

KARR-Type: You are flying around in the Knight Automated Roving Robot from Knight Rider. The whole game changes from a survival shooter to a one sided slaughter fest as you try to run down as many opponents as are sent your way. A game most definitely for the shooter beginner. As the act of simply unplugging the controller after pressing start will see you all the way to the end.

By Deathamster:

R-Tip: The Bydo have converted their warship into a galactic restaurant. Make sure you leave the proper tip for the Doppelganger, or he'll bite your head off.

By Red Clawbot:

RRRRR Type: Five times longer than the original!!

By Magnus Crowe:

R-Toype: It's a super-deformed version of R-Type that has all the ships and aliens replaced with toy versions of them.

Par-Type: In the vein of Mario Golf, it's a golf game featuring R-Type characters.

By Ultimate Chicken:

ARRR!-Type: Takes place on the seven seas! You play as a pirate captain and crew of a small seafaring vessel. You collect powerups to increase the number of cannons you can fire, and you go up against bosses like the Flying Dutchman, the Spanish Armada and the Kraken!

Bah-Type: Game that's so difficult, nobody's ever managed to go past the first part of the first stage. Even the experts go 'bah' after a few tries.

Jar-Type: Instead of carrying a charge gun, you carry a cylindrical container on the underbelly of your craft. You're supposed to capture as many enemy units in the jar as you can.

By thislevelisclouds:

(Uncontrollable) Fart Type: Avoid choking on your own stench while your mom flies you to the emergency room in your R-9.

By James FP:

Jar-Jar Type: Jar-Jar Binks is the pilot, and he's not very good at it, so you'll have to work hard to keep your ship under control. Your enemies are the Trade Federation and their army of droids, and the final boss is Darth Maul. Every time something flies by your ship, Jar-Jar shouts unintelligible dialogue like, "MEESA FLOOBA FLINGA FLIMBO!!"

R-Type Final Fight: Blast off and strike the evil Mad Gear gang!

R-Type Final Furlong: Blast off and strike the evil Bydo Empire on horseback!

By Nixxy Blayde:

R-Tapwater: Blast off and strike the evil Bydo empire by poisoning their water supply.

By Bomberguy221:

Bar-Type: You fly around looking for Bydoweiser.

By Morgannon:

Kartype: It's a Kart Racing game featuring characters from the R-Type series! Play as a super-deformed Krell or that little guy in Crawl's picture driving an R-9 equipped with go-cart wheels.

By Troy Demetrius:

Wartype: Play as Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2. Blast off and strike the evil Veggie Empire by belching out bubbles at them.

By Kairobi King:

Mario-Type - Blast off and strike the evil Koopa empire.

Wario-Type - Blast off and loot the evil Brownsugar Pirates.

L-Type - Same game as R-Type, but the title was mistranslated.

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