Some punny, er...funny game ideas from Ultimate Chicken.

  • Ein! Handle
  • Gundamn WTF: Really Endless Duel
  • Heroes of M&M
  • I Have No Mouth, But I Must Have Ice Cream
  • Neither Dead Nor Alive: Then What the Hell Are We?
  • One Must Call: #2097
  • Samurai Slowdown
  • Servant of Orion (1/2/3)
  • SEX Men vs. Strip Fighter

  • Ein! Handle

    Game which is often mistaken for a space shooter of almost the same pronunciation. Your job is to care for and feed the Welsh Corgi pup of Cowboy Bebop fame, Ein.

    Gundamn WTF: Really Endless Duel

    It's a mecha fighting game with a good idea...except that the programmers forgot to implement the timer and life gauges, so every duel is REALLY endless. Forget about completing this. If you want to use other characters, reset.

    Heroes of M&M

    Turn based strategy game where you spread the sales empire of the M&M chocolate color of your choice.

    I Have No Mouth, But I Must Have Ice Cream

    Parody of an adventure game based on a novel. The evil computer that has taken over the world now tortures you by removing your mouth and then making you find out how to eat ice-cream without it.

    Neither Dead Nor Alive:
    Then What the Hell Are We?

    Fighting game involving undead like skeletons, zombies and vampires. Later had name changed to "Darkstalkers".

    One Must Call: #2097

    VS game where you and your opponent must race to connect via phone to the extension 2097. Obstacles include being put on hold, getting a dialtone or having to renew your phone bill (ugh!). First one to have #2097 pick up is the winner.

    Samurai Slowdown

    The slowest, most boring fighting game in history. A 1-hour mandatory staredown time is required between each sword slash, each of which has so many friggin effects and blood fountains that they lag the console, making each strike last 4-5 minutes.

    Servant of Orion (1/2/3)

    Series of non-interactive space strategy games, where you see yourself being manipulated into conquering other planets for your chosen faction's empire.

    SEX Men vs. Strip Fighter

    ...I'd love to talk about this fighting game, but the network censors wouldn't allow that. (Goodnight everybody!)

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