Yeah, I know. I maintain this section and yet I totally suck at actually writing my own Game Ideas. This is all I've got. After reading them, you probably won't be clamoring for more.
  • The Adventures of Justin Timberlake
  • Where's Saddam Hussein?

  • The Adventures of Justin Timberlake

    In this game, you play as Justin Timberlake in his many 3D adventures. You run around various cities, grabbing women's shirts and ripping them off. The scoring system works like this:

    1. Grab a woman's shirt and pull it off: 100 points
    2. Grab a woman's shirt and it doesn't come off: -100 points
    3. Grab a woman's shirt and pull it off along with the bra: 200 points.
    4. Grab a woman's shirt and pull it off and it turns out "she's" a transvestite: -200 points.

    Your ultimate goal is to climb a 33-story tower where Janet Jackson is having a concert on the roof, and rip all her clothes off. Then you escape via helicopter, a la James Bond at the end of Goldeneye.

    Where's Saddam Hussein?

    This is like a Where's Waldo? game, except you have to find Saddam Hussein instead of Waldo. Look for him on or in farms, beaches, caves, cities, streets, shopping malls, and other crowded places. Find Saddam Hussein 10 times and you'll unlock the second part of the game where you have to find the Weapons of Mass Destruction. And in the final, super-tough stage, you have to find Osama Bin Laden.

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