I got my start writing silly game ideas at the old N-Sider BBS, posting really ridiculous things that would sometimes anger the people on the board. The main reason I had started this was not only because of the hilarious angry responses I'd get, but also because of the large amount of "Chrono Trigger 64" and "Dragon Ball Z 64" game ideas that were always being posted there (most of which had no description other than "This game would rock!")

  • Annoy BJ Strykes 64
  • Annoy Crawl and 1000 64
  • Answering Machine 64
  • Benjamin Strykes's Video Game Quest
  • BJ Strykes: The New Adventures
  • Bored Moderator 64
  • Cat RPG
  • Crawl is Cute! 64
  • Crawl's Harem 64
  • Desecrate a Classic
  • Dueling Relatives 64
  • Edit the Lamer's Post 64
  • Egg 64
  • Ezboard Frontier
  • Fight Over Crawl and 1000 64
  • Filkin' to Game Music
  • I LOVE FO! 64
  • Internet Lamer 64
  • N-Sider Pokemon
  • Parakeet Trainer 64
  • Transformers Shmup
  • US Men's Figure Skating Championship

  • Annoy BJ Strykes 64

    In this game, you do everything you possibly can to annoy BJ Strykes. Clamp around his leg and scream! Pile things on top of him when he falls asleep on the floor. Retell the story of how he slid on the kitchen floor and crashed into the cabinets a zillion times. Or retell how he was scared almost half to death when a moth hit the window and woke him up! Throw food at him while he's trying to cook! Make fun of his hair! Draw a picture of him that looks like a lizard with toilet paper in its belt and post it on the internet! Call him "squishy" or "Beejy-Weejy"! Teach his 3-year-old daughter to call him "Squishy" and "Beejy-Weejy". Walk up behind him and squish him while he's trying to do some kind of karate-stuff! The possibilities are endless.

    Camp out at the store the night before this game's release, and get your credit card ready to buy at least 9999999999999999 copies of this game!

    Annoy Crawl and 1000 64

    Tell him you made up a really cute nickname for him, but no matter what, do NOT tell him what it is, unless he tells you what his name really means. Don't listen to his ludicrous stories and game ideas, that say it has something to do with Flying Omelette. Seeing as how he had that name long before he met Flying Omelette! If Crawl finally gives in, and tells the frickin' damn truth about his name, then you can finally tell him your nickname for him!

    Answering Machine 64

    In this game, you are in a contest with your cousin (who is a 2-year-old trapped in a 33-year-old's body), to see who can put the funniest message on your answering machine. The object is to scare away callers. The more callers you scare away, the more points you get.

    You can make messages by doing any or all of the following:

    1. Make up stupid messages to the theme of the "Barney Song", such as:

    I'm not here to answer the phone
    I'm in the basement making a clone
    So leave your message after the beep
    Thank you, cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep!

    2. Put sound effects on your machine! You can play video game music, or record your parakeets singing!

    3. Bark like a dog!

    4. Blow your nose in between sentences. Example: Hello, you have reached the home of the Strykolovas. *blows nose* We're not here to take your call. *starts coughing, then blows nose again* But if you leave your message after the beep *sneezes and blows nose* We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

    5. Put a message on while talking to people in the background! Example:

    Hello, you have reached the Strykolova family! (Sethra stop that.) We're not here to take your call. (Sethra, let go of my leg, please.) But if you leave your name and number...(SETHRA, GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME RIGHT NOW!!) ..after the beep, we will...(SETHRAAAA! *SQUISH!!*) Beeeeeeeeep...

    6. Talk in phoney accents or laugh maniacally or both.

    7. If you have any episodes of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show on tape, look for one where Mario or Luigi answers the phone and says, "Mario Bros. Plumbing! You clog 'em, we clear 'em", then make a recording and put that on your machine.

    Or you can make up your own funny messages! The possibilities are endless! Whoever has scared away the most callers at the end of the game wins!

    Benjamin Strykes's Video Game Quest

    In this game, you are mild-mannered Benjamin Strykes, and the object is to try to find your way out of your house and to the store, and back again, to find the video game you want!

    Here's the game's background story, as told by BJ Strykes:

    I had a hard time finding my way out the door of the trailer. So I drove my winnebago in circles around the park for about an hour before finding the exit gate, and it took me another 4 hours to find the mall. By the time I found the store on the mall that sells games, the mall was closed so I had to go back to my winnebago and sleep in the parking lot overnight. The next morning I forgot where I was and what I was doing, and realized the whole time I had forgotten to get dressed, so I realized why people had been staring at me. Well, then there was this "poodle" incident somewhere in between the time I got dressed and made my way back to the store. But when I got there I couldn't figure out which box the game was in and I ended up coming home with Barbie Game Girl. Now THAT was the worst.

    Can you help Benjamin Strykes find his clothes and the game he was really looking for? Go buy the game and find out!

    BJ Strykes: The New Adventures

    This is a game like Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, where you use a slingshot to guide BJ around.

    Your first goal is to wake him up. It won't be easy. The alarm clock doesn't work, so you have to hit him in the head with the slingshot a few times. Try hitting him enough times to push him off the side of the bed and wake him up. If all else fails, slingshot his down so the dog will leap on him and wake him up.

    Then hit him with the slingshot enough times to guide him down the stairs. Be careful he doesn't slip on one of the slingshot marbles and fall down.

    Then you have to continue to slingshot your way to victory as you force him to get breakfast, read the newspaper, turn on the television, and brush his hair. His hair is really messy and sticks up in huge points like Cloud's hair, so you have to shoot at the individual points to make him comb those parts down. Then you have to get dressed and go to work.

    Then after he comes home from work, he trips and falls on the floor, and proceeds to sleep there. Your object now will be to use the slingshot to shoot the ever-growing layer of dust off of him.

    Bored Moderator 64

    In this game you play as an extremely bored Moderator of the Game Pond. You decide to have some fun by pissing people off and confusing the hell out of them. You start by moving posts from forum to forum. You can even attempt to piss off individual Game Ponders. For example, post something that you KNOW will prompt a 200-word essay from Crawl and 1000. Wait until you know he's on-line, then move the thread before he gets a chance to submit his reply! HhehhEHEHEHEHHEhEHeeHEHEe!

    You can also start threads, and then delete them right before people get a chance to reply! If people ask what happened to the thread, act like it never existed!

    To further confuse and annoy people, edit their posts without changing anything! They'll look through the thread over and over again, trying to figure out what you changed! You can also use this technique to make old threads pop up out of nowhere!

    The more people you annoy and piss off the more points you get. However, you have to be careful to avoid the admins at all costs! If they catch you in the act enough times, your mod powers could be revoked, and your game is over. However, if you score enough points, you'll earn admin ability! Here is where you can create total chaos!

    Change the color scheme to something that totally sucks or is hard on the eyes! Put up a really strange background! Put up funny announcements! Change the banner and icons! Grant and revoke admin powers of other users!

    The game ends when you've annoyed everyone so much that they either all leave, or ban you from the Game Pond for all eternity.

    Cat RPG

    In this game you play as a cat. It's set up like an RPG. You get out of your little kitty bed in the morning, and explore the house. You get into battles with creatures around the house, like mice, cockroaches, and moths. Battles earn experience points. You must find food in the house to restore hit points. When you find your way outside, via a pet door, you engage in battle with birds, squirrels, rats, butterflies, and other small animals. You must earn enough experience points so you can battle big dogs that try to attack you. You must also battle other cats in search of a mate, or when fighting over food and territory. This game is in real-time, so you have to keep moving. Otherwise, you gradually gain weight. If you gain too much weight, you become a big ole' fat kitty laying around the house, doing nothing, and the game ends. Otherwise, the ultimate goal of the game is to infiltrate the White House and become President of the United States of America.

    You would be crazy not to buy at least 87 copies of this game!

    Crawl is Cute! 64

    The object of this game is to convince Crawl he is the cutest man on the internet! You are competing against several other internet women who are obsessed with Crawl! You must try to win him over before they do! You can start by giving him simple compliments on how cute he looks! Then start making up cute nicknames for him like "Snuggle Mush", "Cuddly Cakes", and "Radiant Silvergun!" Then, literally GIVE him a cute nickname by registering it at ezboard and having the password sent to his email address!

    If you finally convince Crawl he is cute, then you get to go out on a date with him! Who doesn't want to buy at least 426 copies of this game?

    Crawl's Harem 64

    In this game, you are an internet woman trying to get into Crawl's harem. Propose marriage to him all over the message board. Write dirty poems about him! Make lots of bad puns about his name (ie, "I wish you would CRAWL into bed with me!") Send him loveletters through the N-Sider message center as "ILOVECRAWLAND1000" (Yes, that profile is really there, folks! Go look it up!) Make up cute little nicknames for him, such as Crawlie Smoosh, and Snuggle Mush. Reply to every one of his posts with a +10 font size "SNUGGLE MUSH!!" Laugh manically! Ask him to snuggle with you! The options are endless!

    If you win the game, and make it into Crawl's harem, you get to snuggle with what could possibly be the sexiest guy on the whole internet!


    Desecrate a Classic

    This game is for Game Boy Color, not N64. In it, you play as Nintendo, and the goal is to take a classic game and desecrate it as much as possible. Your first game will be Crystalis. You get points for the following:

  • Show as little respect to the original storyline as possible by completely changing it.

  • Censor the dialogue of the game so that all the characters are left with as little personality as possible.

  • Change characters' names and backgrounds at will.

  • Take out all the great classic music, including the pyramid theme (one of the best ever!), and replace it with one really shitty song that plays for almost the entire game.

  • Completely scew up the final area. Switch the two end bosses around for no apparent reason whatsoever. Ruin the climax of the game.

  • Make the game easier by putting items that are supposed to be hidden out in plain view in treasure chests.

    Once you're done desecrating Crystalis, you'll try to get your hands on other classics. You lose points for each bad game review you get.

  • Dueling Relatives 64

    This is a game about internet rivalries between siblings and cousins. These are the characters:



    BJ Strykes vs SethraShnoo

    Pokemon Master Junus vs GARDENHO

    James FP vs ACC KAIN

    This game is set up like a tournament fighter with several different modes.

    Team Mode:

    In team mode, you choose to play as one of the two Teams. Team A consists of the harried group, the group that is pestered by their siblings/cousin. This would include D-Rays, BJ, DH, James, and Junus. Team B is the hecklers, aka, the siblings/cousin who do the tormenting to the others. They include PUDDMANN, Sethra, DB, KAIN, and GARDENHO. If you play as Team A, your goal is to rid the Game Pond of your tormentors forever and ever. You can choose to fight in one-on-one, Street Fighter 2-style combat, a Pokemon-style menu-battle, or as a team on the field, like a Football game. If your team wins, the losers must be your slaves and turn over all your usernames and passwords to them, or else leave the Game Pond. If you play as Team B, your goal is pretty much the same, only if you win, you gain total domination over the entire Nonsense Forum at the Game Pond!

    Tournament Mode:

    In this mode, you choose one character, and fight in one-on-one, SF2-style battles. Each character has their own unique moves.

    DEVILRAYS - Uses sports equipment, like footballs, baseballs, and baseball bats for weapons. He wears a football helmet, so attacks to his head won't work.

    PUDDMANN - He can call on the spirit of Pogo the Great to aid him in battle. He can also command his other cats to fight, too.

    BJ Strykes - He can morph into a lizard and use his huge tail and flame-breath in battle. Only problem is, if he finds a warm, sunny spot, he instantly falls asleep in it!

    SethraShnoo - She can command her parakeets to attack for her, and she can morph into FATSHNOO, with her devastating "Sit" attack!

    James FP - James's special move is to go bonkers and call on his armies of Beandip and Potato Salad to defend him. He can also morph into Mendou and attack with a sword.

    ACC KAIN - KAIN has a special confusion attack, where he transforms into JESSIEfromPokemon.

    Pokemon Master Junus - His special ability is to type up a post so long, that it makes everyone fall asleep!

    GARDENHO - Like his brother, he is also capable of making speeches that bore people to sleep. He also has the special "insult" move, where he can cause damage by insulting people and their cats for no reason.

    DEATHAMSTER - Her special ability is her quick wits and sharp attitude, which give her incredible strength. She has great defense, and few opponenets can stand up to her.

    DOVEBLOB - Her special move is the "Bagelizer"! DB will hurl giant bagels at her opponents. Like FatShnoo, she also has a devastating "sit" move.

    Who wouldn't want at least 150 copies of this game?

    Edit the Lamer's Post 64

    In this game64, you are a moderator at a message board64. You wait for a lamer64 to make a really bad post. Then, you go an editing spree! Here's some options: Delete the person's original post, and type something stupid! Or, edit the person's post to make them sound even less articulate! Or, start a conversation with another person64 right within the post! Edit pictures64 into the post! Write nonsense! The ultimate goal is to make it look like all the replies to the bad post make absolutely no sense whatsoever!

    U wuld hav 2 b stoopid nots 2 wates owtside da stoor 4 dis game!

    ML is the bomb! I wish I were as cool as him!

    Hey, this IS fun! Not that you're a lamer, of course... <-D


    Do the Limbo!

    Egg 64

    The object of this game is boil an egg. If you boil it too long, it explodes and you lose points and must try again. If you don't boil it long enough, it comes out too soft, and you lose points and have to try again. You only have so many eggs, depending on the difficulty level, and if you run out, the game ends. Once you boil enough eggs, you paint them and enter them in an Easter Egg contest, where your paintjobs are judged, and you get more points. You can enter other contests, like egg-rolling, bobbing for eggs, Easter Egg hunts, and that game where you run a race with an egg on a spoon. If egg-rolling and spoon races, if you win, you get points. In bobbing for eggs and egg hunts, the more eggs you get, the more points you get. Points can be traded in for more eggs, or credits. Earn enough credits, like about 1000000, and you can open up your own breakfast shop and serve eggs to the public!

    I think this is a good game idea. I like eggs! I look like an egg! Don't you like it, too?

    Ezboard Frontier

    With contributions from Morgannon.

    It's a non-linear RPG like SaGa Frontier, but the different regions of the world you visit are actually different ezboards. These boards include:

    Port Saiid
    Deathamster's Nest
    The Third Moon
    The Crowe's Temple
    BJ's Corner of Cyberspace

    The main villains are located at the Team-VZQ Headquarters ezboard and there are even some old dead ezboards that function as "ruins", like Pero's Forums for the Incredibly Bored.

    You'll have to search these ezboards for weapons, information, items, and recruitable characters. Among the characters you can recruit:

    Port Saiid - Flying Omelette, Crawl and 1000
    ShnooWorld - SethraShnoo, Minerva K Red
    Deathamster's Nest - Deathamster, James FP
    The Third Moon - Dire 51, Sotenga
    Moonside - Kairobi King, ErniePants
    The Crowe's Temple - Junus Crowe, Magnus Crowe
    BJ's Corner of Cyberspace - BJ Strykes, Setzer the Great
    Pero's Forums - Pero the Cat, Deathspork
    Team-VZQ HQ - Lord Vyce, Nixxy Blayde

    Some characters, like Nixxy Blayde, are tough to recruit because they may join you, or they may become your enemy. Other characters may require that you give them a special item or defeat them in battle first. The final boss is Brigade Delbrack.

    Each individual ezboard has sub-locations within it. For example, Port Saiid has the Lighthouse Diner. Moonside has the Moonside Hotel, DH's Nest has the DBDH Arena, etc.

    One quest is to find the lost Paradise Resort and figure out a way to access it. Morgannon is one of the characters you can recruit from there.

    Fight Over Crawl and 1000 64

    In this game, you play as either Sethra or FO. The object is to challenge the other to several "duels", and the winner gets the sexiest man on the internet, Crawl and 1000!

    DUEL 1: "The Odes"

    In this contest, you must each write an Ode to Crawl and 1000. Then, Crawl will judge the poems, and award points to the one he likes better! Then, you write some more odes! This goes on like this, until one person has 50 points, or if one of the contestants runs out of ideas for an ode.

    DUEL 2: "The Nicknames"

    This is where you and your opponent try to come up with as many cute nicknames for Crawl that you can! Each time your opponent thinks of a nickname, such as "Crawlie Smoosh", "Crawlie Wawlie" or "Snuggle Mush", you must come up with one to counter it, such as, "Sexiest Man on the Internet", "Radiant Silvergun", or "Cave in Iowa". If Crawl likes the nickname you made for him, he'll register it at ezboard, and you earn points! This continues until one person has 50 points, or when one person runs out of nicknames.

    DUEL 3: "The Audience Poll"

    In this duel, you have to gain the approval of the audience, by making a poll. Ask questions such as:

    A. Do you like me?
    B. Do you think Crawl and I should be married?
    C. Should we have kids?


    For each question the audience answers "yes" to, you earn more points!

    DUEL 4: "Getting Past the Overprotective Cousin"

    If you are playing as Sethra, and you are winning after Duel 3, you move on to Duel 4. Which is basically a duel where you must get past your overprotective cousin, so you can actually go on a date with Crawl!

    If you are playing as FO, and have more points after Duel 3, than Duel 4 will consist of a short sequence where you must send BJ an email telling him you're no longer going to hit on him, because you've found someone else.

    The ending sequence is you going on a date with Crawl! Who doesn't want to buy this game!?

    Filkin' to Game Music

    Inspired by Bomberguy221's "Filkin' to the Oldies" game comes the sequel, Filkin' to Game Music! In this game, you are given famous pieces of video game music and you must write words to them. You are awarded points on how well you rhyme in complete sentences. Some famous game tunes you'll filk to:

    The Super Mario Bros. theme
    The Legend of Zelda theme
    Bloody Tears and Vampire Killer from the Castlevania series
    The "Prologue" and "Prelude" themes from the Final Fantasy series
    The Dragon Warrior title theme
    The Moon Patrol theme
    The "Song of Storms" from Ocarina of Time
    The entire Brutal: Paws of Fury soundtrack

    And hundreds more!

    The game will also contain some original music that you can write lyrics for, but who really cares about those?

    I LOVE FO! 64

    With contributions from Crawl and 1000

    In this game, you play as Crawl and 1000, and your goal is to change the subject line of every thread in the Game Pond to "I LOVE FO!" You get 10 points for each thread you change, and an additional point for each reply the thread gets, so long as the person leaves the subject line as "I LOVE FO!" If someone replies and changes the subject line, then you don't get points. For every 250 points you earn, you can sign up a new name, such as:

    Snuggle Mush
    I Want to Crawl on Flying Omelette 1000 Times
    Crawlie Wawlie
    Crawlie Wawlie Snuggle Mushy Wushy Love Muffin Kins

    And many others!

    For each new name you register, FO, herself, will judge them. If she likes the names, you'll earn "love points" with FO. If you earn 500 love points, FO will register the name "SnuggleJammies", and she'll ask to snuggle with you. If you earn 1000 points, FO will register the name "I Love Crawl and 1000". And she'll continue to register more names for every 500 love points you earn. When you reach 5000 points, FO will put a huge banner up on the Game Pond that says, "CRAWL AND 1000 WILL YOU MARRY ME?" The ending is you and FO having a cyber-wedding.

    Be careful though! Because you can also lose point if:

    1. A post that you replied to with "I LOVE FO!" gets deleted.
    2. If a whole thread gets deleted, you lose points for each reply that has "I LOVE FO!" as the subject line.
    3. If FO doesn't like the name you register.
    4. If someone gets angry at you for always changing the subject line, and flames you.
    5. If you register a name like "Ugliest Man on the Internet".
    6. Lose double points if you actually post with "Ugliest Man on the Internet".
    7. If another Game Pond female starts to take a liking to you, and FO gets jealous.

    And if someone flames you for changing the subject line, you get double points back if you say something cute like, "Don't try to stand in the way of our love!"

    If you lose all your points the game ends.

    Who doesn't want to sell their soul and shoelaces to get this game?

    Internet Lamer 64

    The goal of this game is to become the most obnoxious internet lamer ever. The game's levels are divided as follows:

    Level 1: Training

    You are sent to a special Internet School 4 Lamerz. The first thing you must learn is the language of "Lamerspeak". U will lurns to types liek this, so ppl cant tells what ur saying.

    Once you master the language, you must learn as many of the catch phrases of the world's greatest lamers. Learn such thought-provoking quotes as:

    1. Man, u ppl r 2 uptite!!
    2. What, do u liek thees grafikx?
    3. I am the Anti-Christ of your message board!!
    4. MWA HA HA!! This is rich!!!
    5. Go play with your 16 bit toys!
    6. U R QUEER
    7. Stop being such a dumb f**k!
    8. Teletubbies Rules!
    9. You will become inbred!
    10. U brought this on yourselves!

    Also, learn meaningless, one-word replies, such as "ok" and "Baka!"

    Once you pass this test, and are fluent in Lamerspeak, you can move on to the next level.

    Level 2 - Find a message board, preferably one with alot of people, and do anything and everything possible to break the rules and piss people off. Get pissed off over the slightest disagreement. Start a fight for no real reason. Threaten to bomb and spam the board. Make unprovoked attacks on people and curse them out! Be a jack-off to the admin! Spread lies about people, and proclaim it "the truth"! Freak out if someone posts a picture of themself! Make empty threats to take over the BBS. Make up ludicrous stories about how your PC has an "IP Reset" button that you can push to change your IP! Sign up alternate names, and have them back up your opinions, then lie when asked if they are you! The possibilities are endless!

    Level 3 - In level three you come face-to-face with the board's admin. The object is to try to blurt out as many pointless insults as you can before the admin bans you. Once the admin bans you, your goal is to type up a very long speech that makes absolutely no sense, explaining why you're right, and everyone else is wrong! Then act like you've won something, while in reality, you're the laughing stock of the BBS! Then sit back and watch, as the boards regs dish out to you everything you just gave to them, in the form of stupid game ideas, like this one, and others! Now, you can go find another message board (like say...the NES Knights!), and get yourself banned from that one! Then keep going and going until you're banned from every board on the internet, except for a few really boring ones that either nobody uses, or are filled with even more lamers.

    Level 4 - Now that you're banned from every board on the net, the object of the game is to find other internet lamers, and brainwash them into going to the boards you were banned from and make stupid speeches in your name (all typed out in glorious lamerspeak, of course!) Thereby, proving, once and for all, that you haven't got a clue!

    Level 5 - This is the level where you wake up to reality and realize what an ass you've been, but...very few get this far.

    You would be nuts not to camp out at the store the night before this game is due to arrive.

    Or, in a language that only a true Internet Lamer can understand:

    U wuld b nutz not 2 camps owt at the stoor the nite b4 dis game iz doo 2 arivez.

    N-Sider Pokemon

    Note: I only have the first part of this one. It's too bad, it was really funny, but I'll just post what I have for the heck of it.

    In this game, instead of capturing Pokemon, you capture N-Siders!!!! Instead of being a mere human, though, you are an otherworldly being who can possess the N-Sider you capture and gain all of their abilities. You will then battle other N-Siders in one-on-one fights, a la Pokemon. Here are your choices:

    1. MIYAMOTOLOVER - There are only about 2 games in the world he doesn't like. His abilities include the power to piss people off like Hologramzero and Devilrays. He has played and likes most every system, and therefore, has a wealth of game knowledge, but rarely makes a post more than 1 or 2 sentences long. He is made of wood, and is vulnerable to flame attacks.

    2. CRAWLAND1000 - There are only about 2 games in the world he DOES like. His abilities include the power to be able to piss off just about everyone on the N-Sider bbs. He rarely makes posts less than 100 or 200 paragraphs in length. His technique is to make your eyes so heavy by the time you get halfway through one of his posts, that you fall asleep and therefore, don't respond.

    Rest is lost to the winds of time...

    Parakeet Trainer 64

    In this game, you play as a beginner Parakeet Trainer. You can choose to be either a male or female character. You start by going to the store and buying two parakeets of your choice. You can select from the game's preset Parakeets, or you can customize one with a special "Create-a-Keet" mode. This mode, effectively, allows you to "paint" a parakeet!

    Once you've selected your birds, you take them home. You must feed and care for your keets every day! That includes changing the newspaper in the bottom! Also, be careful not to feed them too much, or else you end up with a fat egg-like bird, such as my Shnoo, who is so fat, she sits in an empty food cup all day, rather than on her perch.

    Now, your first step towards training your keets is to get them to perch on your finger. After that, you can teach them to do many things! Come to you when you call them, teach them to roll over, to play with a toy, etc. You can even teach them to talk. The game would come with a special microphone attachment that you can speak into. When the birds learn to talk, they will repeat EXACTLY what you spoke into the mic. (Imagine the things you could teach them to say! hehehe!) You can also teach them to sing songs or whistle a tune!

    You can enter you parakeets in bird shows and win prizes! If you feed and clean them right, they'll grow healthy, and can win beauty contests. If you train them right, they could win talent contests! (There really are such things for bird trainers, you know?)

    You could also breed your parakeets! You can sell the babies for a profit, or keep some to train again, and add to your talent "act" for shows! The more birds you enter in a beauty contest, the greater your chances of winning!

    You can use the prize money from shows, or the money from selling baby keets, to buy bigger and better bird cages and food. These will contribute to the growth and healthiness of your birds. The healthier and happier they are, the easier it will be to teach them to talk and do tricks. You can even buy more toys for your birds' talent show.

    This would make a really cool game!

    Transformers Shmup

    I'm not as into Transformers as some of you guys are, but I think a Transformers 'shmup could be neat. You'd have to play as one of the flying guys. I'm not sure if there are any Autobot jets, but maybe you could choose to play as either an Autobot or Decepticon. I think it should have both overhead and sidescrolling levels, a la, Life Force or Axelay. Imagine one of the bosses being a Gestalt. It starts off in its five different pieces, then as you damage them, they morph together to form the single huge boss! Transforming would, of course, be a big part of the game. Sometimes, it would be more advatageous to be in robot form than jet form, and you have to figure out when it's best to switch. Maybe you'd have better defense as a jet, but better firepower as a robot. Or the jet form may be able to take certain paths that the robot form cannot and vice versa. Powerups would be in the form of Energon. Collect enough energon for stronger weapons and shields and stuff.

    US Men's Figure Skating Championship 2001

    In this game, you get to play as either Todd Eldredge, Michael Weiss, or Timothy Goebel, and you are at the 2001 US Men's Figure Skating Championships. The object is that you are all trying to portray the character of Seinfeld's Kramer on the ice. Fall on your ass as many times as possible. Turn your triple jumps into doubles. Turn your double jumps into singles. Attempt the quad jump and fall on your face. Try to convince the judges that you're acting like Kramer, and therefore, it was all intentional! Ultimately, try to land in first, second, or third place with as many falls as possible! When you win, you get to move on the World Championships, and eventually, the Olympics, where you can embarrass yourselves even further!

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