This is the topic that marked the Beginning of the End of the Game Pond. To put a VERY long story short, ezboard put through a security upgrade that forced people to be logged in with only one name at all times. This made things extremely cumbersome for the members who were on shared PC's (like me and my brother Tyler, for example). Even worse, the security upgrade prevented some people on ancient systems from being able to log in and at least one person (Crawl) from being able to post at all. So, let us revisit... The Day the Game Pond Died... ~James FP~


I think that's going a little too far there, kid.

Well, the random name deletion thing was just a glitch, not intentional, but what FO said about how certain people were getting everything they whined for was absolutely true.

Take particular notice of the changes in the subject line. This was a problem in a long line of problems that had simply pushed everybody too far.

So, what happened when Kiera went down to the help forums? She was met by someone going by the name "joeyteel" who basically told her that the security upgrade was necessary and she could whine and cry all she wanted, it wouldn't change a thing. Kiera's response was (paraphrased since the original posts no longer exist), "Considering that I've been asking for years for protection from flood attacks and a deleted post-restoral system, and I kept getting ignored in favor of emoticon upgrades, I guess that's true." Kiera left ezboard to look for another service.

I should also point out that this wasn't the first time Kiera had a run-in at the help forums like that. In one incident I remember, they restricted the sizes of people's avatars on all boards because some people were complaining that they didn't like large avatars and wouldn't go to boards that use them. Kiera (rightfully) questioned why people who don't go to her board were allowed to determine its fate.

While security is important to keep your boards from being hacked, Junus is right. You can't install a security system on your house that vaporizes you when you open your front door. As I recall, the reason they said they did away with the multiple names feature is because people would forget to log out on public PC's and their boards would get hacked when someone else would go to use the PC and see they were logged in. But how does only being logged in with one name even prevent that?? Especially if it's the name that has admin powers.

I love it when people who I don't even have a clue who they are (HellGrifter) make posts outta nowhere like that.


BJ, BJ, BJ, where the hell do you get these ideas from? Anyway, he didn't fare any better at the help forums than Kiera did. He suggested that a solution to this problem would be to allow avatars and signatures to go through, even if you had to post while logged out. You could still submit a post with any name you wanted to while logged out (which would solve the problem for people on shared PCs and people who couldn't log in), but the reason no one wanted to do it that way is because any post made while logged out would be missing its avatar and signature. He was ignored, too.

For once I agree with Termite. WTF??

Mitch da Bitch is a man of few words.

Whether he likes it or not? "Listen, I'm getting you that Dreamcast, and yer gonna play it, whether you like it or not, son!"

For the second time, I agree with Termite.

Ah, that's sweet of you, Bill.

Okay, okay, so you set the Ghost of WigglyTough loose on us, Beej. Really, we all make mistakes.

BJ is the Game Pond's version of Optimus Prime. He doesn't have to be in every episode, but somehow, things are just better when you know he's still around.

Telling Devilrays that his cat is fat was not really that big a deal, Magnus.

Don't tempt us.

Not everyone is retarded, Jr.

Wow, you pay for it and they still forced you to see popups? No wonder they went out of business.

.... @ Donut Dunker. What the hell does that have to do with anything?? That's even more outta left field than HellGrifter.

I've never actually used a UBB myself, but I always did think it was dumb that you had to pay for something that was basically the same as ezboard, only with less features.

Benji - the neverending source of Game Pond cluelessness. So, you miss BJ's leaving? Does that mean you're upset that he's returned?

As a result of both Kiera and BJ leaving the Game Pond, chaos erupted. I shut down the Paradise Resort because I had to leave the internet for awhile anyway, and the rest of the community split into three distinct factions: The Port Saiid crowd, the DHN crowd, and what was left of the Game Pond crowd. The Game Pond crowd quickly crumbled and faded away. Port Saiid and DHN formed an alliance that still exists to this very day.

Despite all the problems, we were either too lazy or too stubborn to move off of ezboard. Either that, or we just could never find anything that really worked well as a replacement (no place else had linked accounts, either). But it eventually paid off when Ezboard was changed to Yuku, which is pretty much the best message board system I've ever seen. Just having linked accounts alone puts it miles ahead of any other service, but it also has useful features such as unlimited picture storage and the ability to embed YouTube videos into posts, and the service at the help forums now is impeccable. A 100% huge improvement over the ezboard days.

But the day ezboard made that security upgrade was, in many people's minds,

The Day the Game Pond Died...

I met a mod with a signature
And I asked her how she got it to work
But she just smiled and deleted her post
I went to the Paradise Resort
Where I'd had an avatar before
But a message said the forum was now closed

And in the Game Pond, where waters raged
The members fought, and war was waged
The last words had been spoken
The images all were broken
And the admins I admire most
BJ, Sethra, and Kiera's ghost
Caught the last train for the coast
The Day the Game Pond Died

And they were singing
Bye-bye, Mr. Ezboard guys
Joeyteel took the wheel
And all your forums have died
Now you can't log into the Game Pond and I...
Think that this will be the day that it dies


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