Welcome to another edition of Blabber Wars! I have increased it from eight rounds to ten rounds. Let the show begin!

Round 1: Thawhidol vs. DOVEBLOB

Thawhidol and DOVEBLOB enter the ring and the bell sounds the beginning of the match! DB, "You're rude!" Thawhidol, "I'm gonna blabber my mouth off! Bleh, bleh bleh bleh blabblel balblellblblbalblerl bnablrblabrlbl blarlebrlabrelab blbalbrlae blar blarb abrlblebrlebrl!" DB, "I always thought DH was rough on you, but I see now that you really are a jerk!" Thawhidol, "Smarter than you, I am. Because backwards, I know how to talk. So less smart person can beat me, not! I am caveman, hear me roar!" DB, "AHHH! SHUT UP! BAGEL! I DEMAND RESPECT! BAGEL!" The two are trading meaningless blabber and insults back and forth quite a bit. DH, in the control room, "I'm sick of listening to both of you whine! Just get on with the fight!" DB, "Shut up, DH, or I'll whine to Mommy about you!" DB starts stomping her feet around the ring. DH, "Dammit, she always takes your side, you little bitch!" Thawhidol, "Blah blah blah blah blah.." DB, "AW, SHADDUP, BAGEL!!" DB sits on Thawhidol and flattens him like a pancake.

This round's winner: DOVEBLOB

Round 2: DOVEBLOB vs. Bugforest

Bugforest enters the ring. The bell sounds and the fight is underway. BF starts off by making fun of DB because she's not allowed in chatrooms. DB counters by calling him rude. BF accuses DB of "talking trash". DB starts flaming him mercilessly! BF is on fire, until half the Game Pond surrounds him and takes his side and starts babying him. "You shouldn't disagree! You're overreacting, blah blah blah!" But what's this? BF turns around and stabs all the Game Ponders in the back except Thawhidol and GH64. He picks up Thawhidol and GH64 and starts using them like twin machine guns to fire blabbering gibberish at DB! DB counters by saying "BAGEL! BAGEL! BAGEL!" over and over. This forms a shield that deflects the garbled blabber from Thawhidol and GH64. BF tosses them aside, sprouts a tutu, and starts ballet dancing right for DB! DB rears back and forms a gigantic bagel! She sends it forward, and it rolls over BF, knocking him flat! BF gets up and starts eating the giant bagel until he gets bigger and bigger, and then he explodes.

This round's winner: DOVEBLOB!


PUDDMANN enters the ring, and the fight begins. PM says, "DB, will you be my friend?" DB says, "You're crazy!" PM turns red-hot and steams shoots out his ears, and his face turns red. He starts spitting out nonsense and blaming his personal problems on everybody. PM, "I'm a badass now that I have mod powers, so you better not mess with me!" DB, "BITE ME!!!" PM jumps onto the ropes and starts shouting at everyone in the whole Game Pond, "I demand respect! Blah blah blah!" DB does the same thing. DB, "I demand respect, too, blah blah blah!" Suddenly, PM turns his attention to Kiera in the control room. He starts to flame her, but she revokes his mod powers! PM falls off the ropes! DB leaps off the ropes and lands on top of him. PM only has one chance! He gives DB a complicated math problem! DB, "What the..? I'm only 12! I can't do complicated math like that!!" DB's head overloads trying to solve the math problem. She runs out of steam and topples over onto her back.

This round's winner: PUDDMANN

Round 4: PUDDMANN vs. James FP

James FP enters the ring and the match begins! PUDDMANN starts off by getting his mod powers back, and starts bossing James around. James ignores him and makes a nonsense post! PM tells him to keep nonsense in the Nonsense Forum. JFP sends his army of salad and pork chops after PM! PM calls on his brother, DEVILRAYS! DRAYS and PM team up on JFP! They come at him from both sides! PM screams at James, demanding respect! DRAYS claims to be ruler of the BBS! Suddenly, as they draw near, JFP morphs into Sailor James, and spins in a circle! He knocks both PM and DR over with his gigantic man-boobs! DR is out cold! PM gets back up and goes into a whirling dervish mode, spouting profanity everywhere! JFP starts a nonsense thread, "Why PUDDMANN is so upset....It all started when the toaster ate the weedwacker and danced on the ceiling fan,while the footstool threw dirty water in the margarine cups, causing the onion rings led a revolt against PUDDMANN's socks!...etc." PM is so angry that he's getting no respect, that he stops whirling around, and begins to shake violently. He turns red, steam shoots out of his nose and ears, and then he explodes!

This round's winner: James FP!

Round 5: James FP vs. ASH35

ASH35 enters the ring and the fight is underway. They start off by trading nonsense posts,each one trying to outdo the other ! However, it's a stalemate between two very experienced, masters of the art of Nonsense! Ash morphs into JANSPORK in an attempt to power-up. JS, "I'm gonna eat your balls!" JS makes a dive at JFP! JFP dodges and sends out a war cry, "Defend the ducks! The icicles will never take us alive, Soda Cans!" An army of baked beans and ketchup packets surrounds JS and coats him in a nasty combination of beans and tomato sauce! A giant tongue comes out of JS's mouth and licks all of the beans and ketchup off of him. "Yum! Now, give me your balls!" JS makes another dash at JFP, but JFP turns into...Kamidake! He locks himself up inside a wooden saltshaker. JFP, "Ha! You can't get my balls, now!" Janspork morphs back into ASH35. Ash, "I know! I'll resize my picture!" Ash changes his personal picture so that it's all distorted and funky-looking. JFP, "Ohhh....that's making me...dizzy!" Kamidake falls over with a "klunk!" He fizzles out of steam, and there's the bell!

This round's winner: ASH35!

Round 6: ASH35 vs. Liontamer

Liontamer enters the arena. The bell sounds, and Ash gets the fight going by making some nonsense posts! However, LT starts moving each and every one to the Nonsense forum! Ash again morphs into Janspork and continues to make more and longer nonsense posts! But LT is quick to move each and every one of them. Ash morphs into NOAHowardLincoln and starts laughing maniacally! LT tries to move the posts, but the laughter keeps coming. LT goes whining to BJ Strykes about it, "Fake NOAs aren't funny! Tell him to stop! Bleh bleh bleh nag nag nag!" BJ takes LT's side and zaps NOAHowardLincoln! Ash turns into a roll of toilet paper. LT grabs it and starts pulling on it. Ash starts unravelling until all that's left is the cardboard roll in the middle. LT gives a final tug on the toilet paper, and it sends the cardboard roll out of the ring.

This round's winner: Liontamer!

Round 7: Liontamer vs. Dark Diamond

DD starts off by making some posts, but LT moves every one of them. DD makes some more, but LT continues to move them! DD gets pissed and takes a swing at LT. LT dodges and tries some wrestling moves. He pins DD down, but DD breaks free! LT says, "I'm gonna start complaining, nag, nag, nag"..starts whining. DD falls to the mat and tries to make some more posts while LT is too busy whining to the admins to move them. DH decides to call a time out...but LT moved the post while she was midway into a reply! DH gets steamed, comes out of the control room, goes to the ring and kicks LT in the ass! DH leaves the ring and the timeout is over. LT turns into a Ronin Warrior, and DD turns into Emperor Freeza. While LT is summoning his armor, Freeza does a kamehameha-like fireball and blows up the Ronin Warrior!

This Round's Winner: Dark Diamond

Round 8: Dark Diamond vs. TermiteJr

A tiny little boy whose only like 3 feet tall climbs into the ring and confronts Dark Diamond. The little boy says, "I'm TermiteJr and I'm an 8-year-old little badass, and I'm gonna kick your behind! You insulted my precious Bugforest, and now you're gettin' your ass kicked!" Dark Diamond stares down at him for a moment...then he grabs ahold of his stomach and starts laughing his ass off! Termite continues to insult DD, and DD laughs harder and harder! DD falls over onto his back and rolls across the ring, laughing at how stupid TermiteJr is...unfortunately, Dark Diamond rolls right under the ropes and out of the ring. He passes out from laughing too hard.

This round's winner: TermiteJr

Round 9: TermiteJr vs. Magnus CROWE

Magnus enters the ring and the bell rings shortly after. Termite starts calling Magnus all kinds of names, but MC just stands there! TJr starts jumping up and down screaming and hollering at MC! TJr starts cursing at MC, but MC doesn't move a muscle! Termite, "Come on, fight me, you f***er!" Magnus, "I have better things to do than fight with you!" Termite, "F****er! F****er! F****er! etc..." TJr starts shaking violently...and he exPLOOOOOOODES!!! All his little pieces rain down over the ring...It looks like we have another winner...Wait! What's this? The little pieces are actually little termites. One of the termites says, "I just remembered why Magnus is so stiff! He's made of....WOOD!" All the little termites head straight for Magnus and start chewing! Magnus, "AGGHHH! NO! Don't eat me!" Magnus runs out of the ring screaming!

This round's winner: TermiteJr

Round 10: TermiteJr vs. Corporate Eyebrow

The little termites all go together and reform into TermiteJr. Corp enters the ring. The bell goes off! TJr decides to start off by trying to confuse Corp by talking in such bad lamer-speak that no one can understand a word he's saying. Termite, "U ppl r 2 uptite! F****er! F****er! I wil deleat ur post if u disuhgree wit mee!" Corp, "HAHAHHAHAHAHA! You crack me up you little 8-year-old!" Termite, "HAHA! I'll let u no, I am ackshually onwy fwee years old! Now, go watch ur gay porno on USA!" Corp, "I'll show you gay porno!" Corp sticks his foot up Termite's ass, and kicks him across the ring! Termite, "I've gotta run, I've gotta hide! I know! I know! I'll spell my name backwards and act like a different person and maybe he won't know it's me!" Corp approaches Termite. Termite, "Hello! My name is Etimret! I found my way here by...." Corp, "Shut up!" Corp stomps his foot down on Termite and squishes him flat!

This round's winner, and the champion of Blabber Wars 2: Corporate Eyebrow!

Thank you for joining us! We hope you enjoyed the show! This program brought to you by Pokerat Products, Inc. Goodnight!

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