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  • Balloon Fight 64
  • Beware of the Puma 64
  • Box 64 2
  • Cheers vs. Capcom
  • Get Caught Crying 64
  • Ice Climber 2
  • Kicking in Lockers 64
  • Return of GIANT SQUIRREL!!
  • Shaq Ataq
  • Sim Frog
  • Sir Mix-A-Lot 64
  • Skeletor 64
  • Sleep 64
  • Soccer Hooligans
  • Squirrel Dudes
  • Super Hammer Sack Advance
  • Tony Danza Type
  • Tony Danza vs. Christopher Walken
  • Tony Danza's Excellent Adventure
  • Tony Danzaogears
  • Zelda 64

  • Balloon Fight 64

    Why, oh why, were there so many Metroid and Dragon Ball Z 64 petitions going around at Nsider and not ONE for Balloon Fight 64? It makes me sick. Anyway, I don't really know what this game would be like, all I know is that I want it to end with a giant squirrel attacking someone.

    Beware of the Puma 64

    In this game, you play as everyday business man Trey Chetson. However, one thing sets you apart from the other everyday business men, and that is that you are constantly being stalked by deadly pumas. The goal of this game is to stock up on as much PRECIOUS sand as you possibly can, store it in your bathtub, and lock yourself inside the bathroom where no deadly pumas can hurt you. When you beat the game, you can be stalked by panthers too, which can change from any color from red to all new orangish-red.

    Box 64 2

    You play someone who has a box. The goal of the game is to lure people into the box and roll them down hills. You also have a magic marker, which you can use to mark the box with things like "Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies Within". When you beat the game, you can play the game with a red box, and if you beat it again within an hour you get a yellow box.

    Cheers vs. Capcom

    This is the exact same as the vs. Capcom games except instead of Super Heroes or SNK characters you can play as any Cheers or Fraiser character you wish. As the name suggests, you will be fighting against Capcom characters. You will get to see such amazing match ups as:

    Cliff Claven vs. Mega Man!

    Niles Crane vs. Ryu!

    Sam "Mayday" Malone vs. Felicia!

    All that tag team crap will be going on too, I suppose!

    Cheers characters will include:

    Marty Crane
    and many more!

    Also, new characters on the Capcom team include:

    Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers
    The Airplane from 1942
    Uncle Scrooge and his nephews

    This game will make your feet sweat! And the best part is, when you beat it with all the characters on the hardest difficulty level, you can change any character's uniform to red, blue, yellow, green, and the all new, highly anticipated "Orange".

    Get Caught Crying 64

    You just finished watching a very special episode of your favorite TV show where something happened that made you cry. Then, some one walks in and catches you! You have to do something really weird to make it look like crying while watching bad TV shows is the least of your problems. You can:

    Put on a monkey costume and claw at the person's face.

    Empty out your garbage can on their head.

    Shave your legs with saftey scissors and force them to watch.

    Drive to the nearest playground and have them assist you with filling suitcase after suitcase of delicious sand.

    When you beat the game, you can change the colors of the DELICIOUS sand to many fun colors, including the exciting new "Indigo".

    Ice Climber 2

    You have to climb up a 100 ft wall of pure slippery ice with nothing but a bic pen and a pair of pants you stole from a bum. When you beat the game, the pants become magical, and allow you to choose what color they are. You have a choice between blue, red and grey.

    Kicking in Lockers 64

    You are Johnny Mo, greaser ruffian and the bad ass of your school. You also have quite the reputation for kicking in lockers (93 just last year)! But this year, when returning from summer vacation, you find that a new champion named Chet Austin has beaten your record all in one day! Are you gonna let your record get beaten!? HELL NO! Your job is to kick in as many lockers as possible in one day, hoping it'll beat the new kid's record. Of course, you'll have to avoid teachers and the principal, because there not into the meaningless denting of lockers, and you have to skip all of your classes to regain your former glory! You'll also have to look out for leg cramps, which was the only thing keeping you from kicking in 100 last year. At the end of the day, you either lose to Chet, making him the new school bad ass, or you become champion once again!

    Return of GIANT SQUIRREL!!

    You play as a Giant Squirrel with a hammer. No one's gonna steal your berries! When you beat the game, the cartridge releases a real squirrel and the blood bath begins.

    Shaq Ataq

    This game features pro basketball superhero Shaquille O'Neal. You are a rapping genie who comes out of a boombox. What happens next is a giant squirrel with a hammer comes out. No one's gonna steal his berries! The game will be a lot like Tetris, except it will be a 3D Action Adventure Dating/ Train Conductor sim that will be nothing at all like Tetris. When you beat the game, a rapping genie comes out of your video game system and puts out some slammin' beats. After, of course, he pulls out all your teeth with a pair of pliers. This game will be a SLAM DUNK!

    Sim Frog

    In this game, you have to live the life of a normal frog who lives near the river. You can eat flies and have tadpoles. And when you die, you can take control of the tadpoles. At the end, you have to save the world from an evil copy of Balloon Fight summoning a meteor to hit earth, just like real frogs do. Then you star on the spanish speaking version of Saved by the Bell as Mr. Belding, and then make billions recording a remake of Cyndi Lauper's Goonies song. This game would be dope.

    Sir Mix-A-Lot 64

    You play as Sir Mix-A-Lot, the one hit wonder rapper whose world famous booty song touched us all. You may never be famous again, you must take on a number of odd jobs to put food on the table. You can be:

    A clown at a birthday party.
    An easter bunny.
    A janitor.
    And a Giant Squirrel at a birthday party.

    Of course, every once in a while a baby who got back may come by and you will have to try your best not to sing everyone's favorite booty song. If you can't keep it in, you won't get paid on that day! You win the game when you finally get enough money to buy your Grammy back from the pawn shop.

    Skeletor 64

    This is a life simulator featuring Skeletor, everyone's favorite He-Man villain. First, you build a nice suburban house for Skeletor to live in, and then you take him out furniture shopping. Beware, for He-Man is the 6 time employee of the month at the ONLY local furniture shop, so don't spend too much time loitering or trouble could start. After furnishing your house, it's time to settle down and start a family, but you must watch out, because He-Man may just cross dress in order to get close to you and find out your evil plot. And He-Man WILL go all the way for the forces of good. In this game you must also beware of local pervert, Orko, and befriend such classic villains as Beast Man, Merman, and the dreaded Skunk Man. If you beat the game, you can change Skeletor's clothing to either red, yellow, blue, and the much talked about "Green" colors.

    Sleep 64

    In this game you try to get to sleep, but you took a nap earlier in the day so you can't! You have two options: Stay up all night or think of adorable kittens so you can cry yourself to sleep with tears of pure joy. When you beat the game...... DAMN IT! I can't think of anything to change the colors of! Rest assured though, that the new color introduced in this game will be the controversial "Purple".

    Soccer Hooligans

    You are a Soccer Hooligan who is at the World Cup. At the end of the game, your team loses, so your mission is to start a riot! There are many ways to start it, like:

    Taking a beer man's tray and spilling beer all over the guy in front of you.

    Gag yourself until you throw up all over someone.

    Use your trusty crowbar on various things.

    And running into the middle of the soccer field (Completely nude, of course!)

    After the riot has spread across the city, you have to defend yourself from other soccer hooligans from the other country. You lose when any of the following happens to you:

    A fellow Hooligan vomits on you.

    You get really drunk and tell everyone in your gang the other team played a good game.

    You swallow too many metal objects and die.

    You win the game if you can stand 3 days of rioting without sleep. When you beat it, you can attend any major event in the world and cause a riot at it. Good luck!

    Squirrel Dudes

    You are a squirrel in a muscle shirt. You also have a squirrel brother, who also wears a muscle shirt. You are both very bad dudes. No one's gonna steal your berries! When you beat the game, the cartridge releases a real squirrel and the blood bath begins.

    You can change the color of the muscle shirts to 3 different shades of each of the following colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, and the all new "Brown".

    This is only if you survive the brutal squirrel attack after winning though.

    Super Hammer Sack Advance

    In this hit X-Box game the object is to collect a burlap sack and fill it with hammers. (You have to steal it from a Hobo, who was wearing it.) Major points if you get a sledge hammer. Fill it to the top, and all will be rewarded with frosty milkshakes. The ending features our hero, throwing the hammers off a bridge. He says "These hammers is not be used again!" and disappears into the sunset. But is the game truly over there? Yes, yes it is.

    DH's Note: If this is Super Hammer Sack ADVANCE, then why is it for the X-Box?? =/

    Tony Danza Type

    This game is exactly like R Type, but instead of a spaceship, you are Tony Danza in a cape, and all the bosses are made out of RADICAL sand. To be innovative, you can't change any colors in this game, but once you beat it, you can also play as Tony Randall, Tony Bennet, or Tony the Tiger.

    Tony Danza vs. Christopher Walken

    In this game, which will be the greatest thing since WONDERFUL sand, you can be Tony Danza or Christopher Walken, in a battle for the universe! First, you put sand in buckets and chuck them at each other until one of the mighty actors falls down. You also try to outdo your opponent in sand castle building, and beach blanket bingo. Afterwards, you go on a search across the city, collect a large video collection of your players work, put it in a pillowcase, and let your opponent have it with it. Beware though, for they will have a pillowcase full of their work too! At the end, Tony and Chris must break dance the night away in an all night dance party! Who ever makes it till 6:30 am will win! The game will also have special guest appearences by Scott Baio and Batman, who will be beating the crap out of Willam Shatner in the background of Beach Blanket Bingo.

    You can change the colors and patterns of the beach blankets when you're done!

    Tony Danza's Excellent Adventure

    You are Tony Danza, star of stage and screen. Well, at least you used to be, but you live in the sewers now. Your goal is to beat the crap out of alligators and bums until you have enough money to buy some rerun tapes of "Who's the Boss" from a smart alec kid who lives in an apartment above ground (Voice of smart alec kid to be supplied by Macaulay Culkin). At the end you will be forced to eat the delicious rerun tape to survive, and when a famous Hollywood agent discovers your talent for eating VHS tapes you again become the most powerful celebrity in the world. After you beat the game, you can choose the color of Tony Danza's clothing. Your choices are Red, Yellow, and the infamous color "Blue".

    Tony Danzaogears

    This game is exactly like Xenogears except every conversation ends with someone asking "Who's The Boss?" and the other participants in the conversation replying "TONY DANZA!". Also, the ending has been changed to all the characters consuming pound after pound of FANTASTIC sand while watching reruns of Taxi.

    Zelda 64

    In this game, you play as my neighbor's ferrets, Zelda and Chester. You have to do cute ferret things, like watch Emilio Estevez movies and make little chittering noises. There are also mazes. Ferrets love mazes. Ferrets are kinda like narrow raccons! At the end, the ferrets meet Emilio Estevez and his brother Charlie Sheen! Then they turn into ferrets and race Zelda and Chester through ferret maze. If you beat the Estevez Bros., you win an award of shredded newspaper and food pellets. This game will be a SLAM DUNK!

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