As you may be aware, we're one of the first and oldest Ezboard communities that's still in existence. We've had our ups and downs with the service, and here is a recent post on FO that pretty much sums up some of the issues we've had:

Now, I don't really want to hate on ezboard too much, seeing as how we still use it for our forums, but I never did understand why they didn't just integrate that one little suggestion FO has there of allowing your signature and avatar to go through even if you post when logged out. It was a simple fix that would've worked. I sort of think the ezboard fad was going to die eventually anyway (no WAY could it have kept going at the hectic rate it was back then. Even I could never find time to visit all the boards I would've liked to), but it probably wouldn't have ended as hard and fast as it did if they had just done this simple (?) fix.

Here's BJ's original post where he pretty much says the same exact thing, and is what got me to thinking about this.

Yeah, Bug, it only takes a few minutes perusing this website to realize that's the understatement of the century.

Looks like someone just took a trip up de Nile.


Reminds me of Elaine's boss on Seinfeld.

If I gave Magnus and Junus a dollar for every time they've made me spit soda on my screen, I'd be flat broke by now.

How could I possibly think we're not compatible?

That is the best idea for a poll I've ever seen. Too bad they didn't go through with it. My life would have had so much more meaning back then if they did.


Who am I kidding? That was the best Halloween ever. I wish they all could have been as fulfilling.

Yes, Kiera, Phillip the Hyper Hypo was my role model. Couldn't you tell? Most of the things I learned in my youth, I learned from Saturday Night Live.


Killla now lives in a rusted out old tour bus in the backwoods of Idaho with his two basset hounds, Wilhemina Imogene III and Nutsack. He hasn't shaved since 2000 so now his whole body is swathed in a tangled chin curtain mesh. He occasionally climbs up Borah Peak and jumps off, using his beard as a parachute to float into town where he earns some money selling fish sticks and raw peanuts to the locals. He is a great man. A very great man.

The last time I made a poll suggestion, ten people were stricken with Vibrio parahaemolyticus, several small countries in Europe and the West Indies declared war on us, and the cake I had in the oven flattened. It was very inconvenient, I must say.

Troy is the master of frivolousness.

Almost difficult to believe they could've dropped the ball so hard and so fast.

This post isn't funny. I just wanted to archive it here because I like it and the rest of the topic was so awful it made me feel like I needed to shower after I was done reading it.

One of the most frightening windows into my depressing youth that I could find. Yes, I spent time posting with the name "Giant Banana" on message boards. Yes, I actually sat around wondering if people would know it was me. No, I am not posting this from the confines of a padded room.

Dammit, CB007! Don't get my hopes up like that!

Oh man, another long-forgotten memory that came springing back like a randy hare in April. I organized a group of people on the old N-Sider BBS to fight against lamers. By "organize", I mean "send a bunch of random people the password to an account called BBSDEFENDERS and tell them to 'use it to fight with people'". You have three guesses as to what happened next. (And a fourth guess for whether or not you think I wanted that to happen to begin with...)

Were emoticons so new back then that this really didn't exist yet? Well, we aren't ones to deny the public what they want, so...

A typically coherent Game Pond conversation.

A guy from the Bugforest Meeting Area posting at the Game Pond...whose signature kinda portends what happened to both boards. Hmm....

So fucking true. I eventually made my own out of garbage bags and paisley sequins. The results were so fabuliciously sexy that I entered myself in a swimsuit competition, and I WOULD'VE WON, if only Val Kilmer hadn't had more voluptuous breasts than me. One day, I shall have my revenge, Kilmer!

Don't tempt me.

Sayith the pot to the kettle!

This might just be the first post ever by WigglyTOUGH, and holy fuck, it gave itself mod!! It was the beginning of the end as the Ghost of WigglyTOUGH now haunts the remains of dead Ezboards and Yuku boards everywhere. If you stumble into one, beware. Be very, very ware...

Had to post this one just because of how funny it is.

Not really interested in the post...just the signature...

My guess is that the punctuation should go like this:

"That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? That is it."

Can you tell when I have too much time on my hands, or what?

Well...I can think of at least one person whose personality that might fit... BUT IT WASN'T MEANT TO BE A BOMB!!

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