A poll about the next game you are going to play that you haven't played before. This isn't the most exciting topic around, but there are a few interesting things. ~James FP~

How does one end up with only half an instruction booklet? I like to envision that Liontamer got into one of those classic oldtime cartoon scuffles where he has one half of the booklet in his hand and his archrival, Mustache McFlinthat, has the other half. They argue and tug at it until it finally rips in half! Then they agree, though somewhat reluctantly, to work together to solve the mysteries of Star Ocean as each one requires the other half of the book to succeed.

Three hours into the game, Mustache McFlinthat went off to get a ham sandwich and a baked potato and was never heard from again.

Hmm... Maybe that explains why the Sea of Wonders from Secret of Mana suddenly showed up in my backyard.

Quick, Sethra, hide your loot!

Thank goodness Bangaioh was released on the Dreamcast, so that rarity thing wasn't as much of an issue, although it wasn't that great of a game anyway.

I wonder why Harvest Moon 64 would have been so expensive and rare. Were people really that starving for another Harvest Moon game that wasn't even that much different from the SNES and Game Boy games? Or was it just the clamoring for anything that even slightly resembled an RPG on the N64?

I don't even remember anymore if Zelda Gaiden was Majora's Mask or the game that became known as the Master Quest on the Gamecube.

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