Article written by Flying Omelette
Edited by Bananaquit

"I don't know why the chicken crossed the road, because I stopped watching her after she got about halfway through. The first part of her trip was entertaining, but then it just got too repetitive and I lost interest." - CB007

"I don't know why certain chickens like crossing the road. There's absolutely no challenge to it. Occasionally, a car might drive by, but once she knows it's there, she can avoid it right away. Boring." - Crawl and 1000

"The chicken crossing the road sucks because you can't control her with a keyboard and mouse" - Deathamster

"Because she saw FatShnoo on the other side and thought it looked like an egg." - SethraShnoo

"Mmmm....chicken....0o" - Troy

"Because she wanted a BAGEL! DAMMIT!! BAGEL!!" - Doveblob

"Attention, all units of the Broccoli and Cheddar Bread Bowl Army!! The chicken is crossing the road! I repeat, the chicken is crossing the road! This is it, folks! Our last line of defense! We must protect the salad dressing at all costs!! Forward!!" - James FP

"Did you know you can enjoy all the excitement of the chicken crossing the road via emulation on your laptop PC?" - amitrius17

"If the chicken didn't cross the road, then I wouldn't have to waste my time answering ridiculous questions like these!" - Psycho Penguin

"Because the Omni-Wonder of the Universe summons her." - ErniePants

"Why does everything have to be about chickens crossing the road with you??" - Liontamer

"All I know is that if the chicken crosses OUR road, Team-VZQ will declare war on it!!" - Nixxy Blayde

"She was either swept there by a tornado or a ninja. Either one is awesome!" - Magical Yard Gnome

"Because she was trying to keep from being held hostage in the Best Buy store when the power went out." - Kairobi King

"I don't know, but it sounds like the chicken's life is still more exciting than mine." - Red Clawbot

"Because I didn't put the Blocker Chicken in front of her in time." - CodieKitty

"The chicken crossed the road? LOLOLOLOL!!! Because it was a stupid American chicken, I'll bet!" - Brigade Delbrack

"Hmmm...you expect me to know what goes through a chicken's mind to make it want to cross the road? Half the times, I don't even know what goes through MY mind! I'll have to consult my Magic 8-Ball and Fuzzy Dice..." - Magnus Crowe

"NO MORE WHINING!! If the chicken doesn't like it here, she can cross the road and find a UBB!!" - Bogus666

"Fuck if I know! When I blow up the world, I'll make sure the road where the chicken is crossing is the first place to go!" - Junus Crowe


"BWA HA HA HA! I love it when chickens who don't know what they're doing are crossing the road!" - Setzer the Great

"I'm not sure I really believe the chicken did cross the road. Chickens don't seem to possess the necessary technology for making such a voyage." - BJ Strykes

"Man, the chicken crossing the road...What a great joke!" - CataTonic9

"I could never understand the chicken's obsession with crossing the road all the time. Thank goodness I'm not associated with her anymore." - Agisuro

"I used to think the chicken was FO, but now that it's crossing the road, I'm starting to second-guess myself. I still think the chicken is FO." - LEGOairship

"She was probably trying to get away from me. I am a cat, you know." - Vampyrus

"I have a sprite of the chicken crossing the road. You can have it for your site if you want it." - Fenrir X

"I won't spoil why the chicken crossed the road, but did you know she was voiced by the same actor who played Elisa Maza on Disney's Gargoyles?" - Flying Omelette

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