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  • 64 64 64 64
  • Ace Attorney: Racing Tourney
  • Anime-niacs
  • Arrested Development
  • Bohemian Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
  • Capcom vs. Toei
  • Edible Scrabble
  • Fast Food RPG
  • Final Fantasy 17
  • Haunted Hospital
  • Legend of Zelda: The Magical Object of Importance
  • Quack 3D
  • ShovelWare
  • The Umbrella Chronicles
  • Troll Battle 64
  • Wii Watch Paint Dry

  • 64 64 64 64

    This would be the 64th installment of a game in a series in which you must come up with 64 ideas for games for the Nintendo 64, and it would be for the Nintendo 64.

    Ace Attorney: Racing Tourney

    Play as your favorite characters: Pheonix, Maya, Edgeworth, Gumshoe, Apollo, whoever! Race through several colorful courses on tiny go-karts. Shout objections at your opponents and present evidence to slow them down. Find contradictions in their driving techniques. If you suspect them of cheating, take them to court. It's like Wacky Races, but with lawyers!


    There were once three American otaku who were so obnoxious, so annoying, and with such terrible BO that they had to be locked in their basement-level bedrooms for 30 years. Or maybe they just did that to themselves. I dunno, more time to oggle tentacle-rape pics, I suppose. Anyways, after all that time, they eventually escaped and started to wreck havok!

    You play as the three Otaku Brothers, Yakku, Wakka, and Detsu as you wander all over San Francisco annoying people with pedantic anime trivia and annoying Japanese catchphrases. Here's the scoring breakdown:

  • Uttering the name of any anime character- +5 points
  • If the character's name is Japanese- +10 points
  • Saying "Desu"- +10 points
  • Using a Japanese word- +15 points
  • If you don't actually know what the word means- +25 points
  • Wearing a anime-based T-shirt- +10 points per hour worn
  • If that T-shirt has not been washed- x2 multiplier for every day unwashed
  • Having a beard- point value determined by length x asymmetry, + 5 points for each and any food item stuck in beard
  • Discussing the plot of an anime. +15 points for every minute
  • Discussing Japanese culture. +20 points for every minute, + 5 points for each and any factual errors
  • Discussing any medium other than anime, japanese video-games, or J-Pop music. -10 points for every word
  • Discussing western cartoons. -30 points per word
  • Calling an anime a "cartoon." -50 points
  • Discussing Avatar: the Last Airbender. -50 points
  • Admitting that anime is not the ultimate artform. -100 points
  • Crying over the death of Aeris. +50 points
  • Calling Sailor Moon the greatest TV series ever made. +500 points
  • Calling Neon Genesis Evangelion "deep" or "thought-provoking" +1000 points

    You win the game when you either A) move to Japan B) get yourself a Japanese waifu, or C) your influence becomes so great that America become a Weeaboo Nation.

  • Arrested Development

    Play as GOB, Tobias, or Buster as you take down the enemies of the Bluth empire. As GOB, you can use the sword of Destiny to hack through foes, while as Buster, you can use his hook hand. Buster's hook can also be used to grapple to far ledges, and GOB can use magic tricks. Tobias has cat-like agility and is a more stealth-based character.

    Once you've eaten enough Burger King (it's a great restaurant!) you can use one of the special moves:

    Special Moves:

    GOB- "You're a Chicken" dance - Turn every enemy on the screen into a harmless chicken.

    Buster - "I'M A MONSTER!" - Buster, suddenly realizing that he has a hook for a hand, flies into a frenzy slashing up everything onscreen.

    Tobias - Double Entendre - Say unintentionally homoerotic things to throw off your enemies and stun them momentarily.

    There are also driving segments where you drive the stair-car while avoiding hop-ons.

    Bohemian Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

    You play as a poor boy from a poor family. You don't need any sympathy! Don't let the thunder and lightning frighten you! In this game, you go any way the wind blows. You'll face many enemies, including Galileo, Bismilla, and the devil Beezlebulb has put aside for you. You can defeat them in any manner you wish! It doesn't really matter to me, to me...

    Capcom vs. Toei

    Goku vs. Ryu!

    Guile vs. Monkey D. Luffy!

    Mega Man vs. Pero the Cat!

    Phoenix Wright vs. Sailor Moon!

    Do it, Capcom!

    Edible Scrabble

    Okay, so it's not a videogame, but hear me out. It would be just like normal Scrabble, but the letter tiles would be made out of CHOCOLATE! And then, when the game is over, you could literally eat your words! It would be great for parties!

    Fast Food RPG

    In this turn-based RPG, you play as Colonel Sanders! In the peaceful world of Fatland, all was at peace in the fast-food kingdom until a new restraunt mascot suddenly appeared: the Burger King! He became obsessed with controlling all the other restraunt chains, and amassed an evil army of animated fast-food items (half that stuff is already alive, anyways) and stole the Colonel's 11 secret herbs and spices! Now, the Colonel must travel to the 11 regions of the fast-food kingdom to recover his stolen recipe, then head into the castle of the King himself to do battle, and free Fatland his evil (and extemely creepy) tyranny!

    Along the way, you get a party comprised of the Colonel, Wendy, Ronald McDonald, and Lil' Ceasar. All the other mascots appear as enemies for you to fight, and allys of the King, or summons!

    All the items are fast-food related, and the spell are stuff like "flash-freeze" and "deep fry."

    I'm totally going to really make this! Where can I download RPG Maker!?

    Final Fantasy 17

    Hey everybody! I've got super awesome special news! LOL! Even thogh 13 isn't even out yet, my super secret internet sources have clued me into the most exclusiv info on FINAL FANTASY XVII! Or 17, for you noobs who can't read RoMAn nuMerALS! LOL!

    First off, even though is still really early and a lot could change, hear's some erly concept art for the MaIN chARaCteRS! W00t!

    This is the main caracter! His name is Rain Sunder, and he's the leader! He's always being angsty and introverted, which makes him cool because HE'S JUST LIKE ME!!!! LOL I am so cooll! don't you even doubt it! And so is Rain. He uses a sword for a weapon, but the sword can also shoot FLAMING NINJA STARS because ninjas are cool.

    This is the female girl! Her name is Triana Honeysuckle. She's a white mage and her job is to heal the party. She doesn't have much of a personality bu that's ok because her job is just to heal the party and stand there and look dam hawt LOL

    This is the Black Mage! His name is Barl Vangloop. He's can use magic but he is clumsy and is alwasy catching himself on FIRE!

    This is Kransky Barlak! He is a TANK!!!!!1 He is a stern and buff guy warrior dude! CHeck out that awesome mustash LOL! HIs weapon is an arm cannon that shoots out little disks that split up into even more littler disks, and those diks fly around and can shoot LAZORS! COOOOOOOL That's almost as cool as the gunblade or that thing RInoa used!!!

    This is Green 21. He is a cat-thing and the last of his kind and the evil empire experimented on him!!!!1 how mean!

    This is Token Blakguy. He's cool cause he's black. and also because he's black that proves japanese people are less racist than americans. He uses nun-chucks as weapons because all black guys know kung-fu.

    This is the bad guy and his name is Kabbalos which sounds like something religious and that makes him SOOOOO COOL! He doensn't have much personality or motivaton and he doesn't do much, but he has a backstory that can only be explained through a 3 hour cutscene and is in a lot of flashbacks which means he must be a very deep and complex character.

    Anyways it's revealed that the villan is actually Rain's mother's former boyfriend, and he wants to find the crystals and then absorb them into a bigger crystal. But this isn't kid stuff like those old final fantasys for kiddy nintendo because there's SWEARING and VIOLENCE!

    This is an LOLcat, one of the new summons in the game. They ditched all those old dumb summons for new ones called MEMES. You summon them from the internet to fight for you!!!! Other confirmed MEMES are the dancing banana, O RLY owl and the ultimate MEME: CHUCK NORRIST

    The gameplay is cool because it's not any of that dumb old turn based stuff. INstead they have a system called "Pleyzitte Selph." What you do is assign a different command to every party member a different command at the beginning of the battle and then you can sortof kindof almost control one character by pressing buttons.

    But the gameplay is super awesome because there's lots of minigames! Look at these fun minigames they'll have!

    So it looks really cool and I can't wait till it comes out!!! I asked some of my homies what they think and this is what they had to say:

    "At first I thought it sounded pretty lame, but then I realized it had "Final Fantasy" in the title. Now I know it's going to be THE BEST GAME EVER!"


    "When I first heard about this, I couldn't have cared less. I thought, aren't there already enough Final Fantasy games? Why should I spend $50 or $60 or more when I can just play Final Fantasies 4, 6, 7, 8, or 10? But then I remembered that all those games are old, so they must suck balls now. I can't wait for FFXVII to come out!"


    "I'd pay $8,999 dollars for a PS4 just to play this game!"


    "I can't follow the story at all, so that must mean it's complex, intricate, and artistic! 10/10! (even though I haven't played it yet LOL)


    Haunted Hospital

    A survival horror game set in an hostipal and you'd play as a doctor trapped in the hospital after patients, guards, nurses, janitors, scrubs, and other doctors start to act strangly, eventually starting to attack each other, and you! So, you have to find a way out the hospital. There are several paths you can take: in one, you might discover the secret behind the strange happenings and stop it, but have to sacrifice your life in the progress. In another, you might destroy hospital to stop the chaos from spreading, or maybe you'll just want to get out of the hospital alive!

    Along the way, you must fight off your enemies. But you're a doctor in a hospital, it's not like their's going to be uzzies and rocket launchers lying around. So you'd fight them off using scapels, needles, pipes, whatever you can find. So, basically it would be like Dead Rising in a hospital. :P But wait! There's a twist! There's some weird shit going on in this hospital, and as you explore you'll descover some seedy dealings between some of the doctors and drug companies, gangs, stuff like that. Here's the hook: at the heart of the conspiracy are a bunch of weird experimental drugs that you can collect on your way through. However, some of these drugs are benefical, and may heal wounds or grant increased strength, while others would be determental and slow the user down or cause them to spontaniously combust. As you discover new drugs, you have you experiment to discover which are which, and then apply that knowledge to your advantage: although you can obviously use these drugs on yourself, you can also inject them into your enemies! Using a healing drug on an enemy would be bad, and using a skin-melting serum into your character would also be a bad idea.

    You could combine items to make new ones, for example: combining a piece of piping with a seringe to make a make-shift blow-dart gun, or combining a rubber glove and stethoscope to make a sling.

    The setting would be one of those campus-type hospitals, with the different areas appointed to different fields of medicine. Thus, the areas you explore affect the dangers you face. In the pediatrics lab, you might be facing deranged children, in the optomical center, you'd fight off patients who have sprouted eyes all over their bodies, or can see in the dark with piercing red eyes while you are left fumbling in the dark. In the morgue, you might find that the dead have awoken from their slumber to feast on your flesh, or something.

    Legend of Zelda: The Magical Object of Importance

    In this latest Zelda game, well, it's like every other Zelda game. But this time the graphics are prettier! OK, so maybe not "prettier", but still different. It looks like a Picasso painting! As you progress through the game, you get several useful items and tools to help you solve puzzles. OK, so "useful" probably isn't the word. You just use each tool a few times in the dungeon in which you find it, use it to defeat the boss, then you'll probably never use any of it ever again.

    But just look at all the "cool" stuff you can get: in the first dungeon, you get a ball of string! In the second, you get a broken flashlight! In the third, you get a rubberband taped to a pencil! In the fourth, you get an already-chewed wad of gum! What other awesome and unique items do get in the other dungeons? You'll have to play to find out! Actually, no, that's all of it, because there's only four dungeons.

    The story is moving and inspiring! You play as a young orphan who finds out he is the chosen one, and must save Hyrule from a mysterious invading enemy. But then, it turns out to be Ganon! So you have to find the Master Sword, and save the Princess!

    Quack 3D

    You play as a duck.

    As for the rest of the game, follow Super Mario 64 template exactly.


    A collection of minigames for DS revolving around digging. Plant trees, search for buried treasure, rob graves! What fun! You'd have to be clinically insane to not buy at least 7,002 copies and bury them all in your back yard!

    The Umbrella Chronicles

    Also known as American McGee's Mary Poppins, in which you must travel through London as the magical nanny, bludgeoning rabid cartoon penguins and homicidal chimney-sweeps with your magical, talking parasol. Just imagine the bad-ass one liners! "Go fly a kite, asshole." "How do you like that spoonful of sugar?" Brilliant!

    Troll Battle 64

    A tactical RPG set in cyberspace. You control an innocent internet community, being invaded by hordes of attacking lamers. They've taken over other message boards, and now they want to conquer yours, and eventually, the entire internet! Structures you can build include Forums, Guestbooks, and Blogs. There are many different units in the game. There's the titular Trolls, Lamers, Flamers, and scammers, as well as Admins, Mods, Regulars, and Lurkers. There's also Goths, Geeks, Nerds, Trekkies, Gamers, Otaku, Infowhores, and the dread Furry! There's also E-Mail, PM, and Google for transportation. You must prevent your board from being spammed, hacked, and flooded at all costs! Long live the internet!

    Wii Watch Paint Dry

    An amazing new game from Nintendo that ANYONE CAN PLAY!

    For up to four players, each player paints one wall of a room a different color. The person whose wall dries the fastest wins! Thrilling!

    ...But in this game EVERYBODY wins, because that makes it funner! Yay!

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