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  • Alec Trevelyan 64
  • First Fully Volumetric Game
  • Mother Advance
  • Punch-Out!! Advance

  • Alec Trevelyan 64

    In this game, you play as 006 from the movie Goldeneye and try to kill your rival, James Bond 007. As you piss off James Bond more and more, you get more points, and you try to take over the world in this action game. There are bonus levels, one is trying to kiss Natalya Simonova, another is invading MI6 headquarters, and a third is being Boris Grishenko and in it you attempt to successfully "spike" FBI headquarters, and then hack into the US Department of Justice and fuck up stuff. This game is rated H for Helluvagame.

    First Fully Volumetric Game

    Should be a STAR FOX SHOOTER! Since Star Fox was the first 3d polygonal game, it should be the first for another graphical accomplishment and be the first fully volumetric game.*

    Editor's Note: Actually, there were 3D polygonal games before Star Fox. Star Fox was the first 3D polygonal game on a game console.

    Mother Advance

    I've had this idea for quite awhile... Mother Advance, for the Game Boy Advance. For those of you who don't know, Mother is the title of the Earthbound series in Japan. Anyways, Mother Advance would be a 64 Mbit cartridge...the first 32 Mbits would be taken up by ports of Mother 1 and Mother 2, and the other 32 Mbits of the cartridge would be taken up by Mother 3, perhaps taking off where Mother 2 left off.

    Punch-Out!! Advance

    A Punch-Out!! Advance game containing the original Punch-Out!! from the NES, Super Punch-Out!! from the SNES, and a 3rd NEW Punch-Out!! game! All 3 will have new multiplayer capabilities.

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