Welcome to Blabber Wars Arena 1. We know how much alot of you love (or hate) DBDH Arena, but it always takes me and DB a long time to write them. We hope this will satisfy your DBDH hunger in the meantime.

Blabber Wars is an eight-round elimination tournament where the contestants must try to out-blabber one another. Here, in this arena, you will find some of the writers of the world's longest and/or most boring posts. The only rule is, the last one standing is the winner of the round, and moves on to the next! Let the game begin:

Round 1: CLOUDBOND007 vs. GH64

CB007 and GH64 step into the arena. The bell rings and the match begins! CB007 is off to a good start with one of his infamous speeches about new RPGs vs. old RPGs. GH64 is caught off guard, and tells CB007 to go play with his 16-bit toys! CB007 counters by ignoring him and moving on to a Final Fantasy poll. GH64 responds by accusing CB007 of being in on a conspiracy! CB007 morphs into Master Ghaleon 99 and creates a whole message board filled with posts! GH64 tries to counter, but ends up overloading and spilling out nonsense about Teletubbies! Suddenly, agents surround CB007 with offers to become an admin at various other ezboards! GH64 can't take it! He turns into a Teletubby and explodes!


This round's winner: CLOUDBOND007!!

Round 2: CLOUDBOND007 vs. Aussie2B

A janitor finishes cleaning GH64 up out of the arena, and Aussie enters the ring as he leaves. The bell rings and the match begins. CB007 starts off with a long speech about the N64's lack of RPGs. Aussie2B counters by pointing out all the RPGs made and being made for the N64. CB007 shows lack of interest, and Aussie counters by calling Squaresoft "greedy, fat, corporate pigs". CB007 starts going on about how poorly Nintendo is doing in Japan. Aussie can't take no more, and grabs a 2 x 4 and whacks CB007 in the head with it!


This round's winner: Aussie2B!

Round 3: Aussie2B vs. Crawl and 1000

The medics take CB007 out of the ring on a stretcher, as Crawl enters the arena. The bell rings and the match begins. Aussie starts off by bickering about how the Final Fantasy series should be laid to rest. Crawl counters with an 8-post long speech about how much the N64 sucks. Aussie nearly goes into a coma, but catches herself, and counters with a strong argument, but Crawl starts complaining about games being too easy. Aussie replies with her argument that challenge and fun aren't related. Crawl gets tired of listening to her and starts making a ton of posts about how much he loves FO. Crawl appears to space out while he's thinking about FO. Aussie takes advantage of this and throws her shoe at him while he's distracted. Crawl hits the canvas! FO comes flying down out of the stands and rushes to Crawl's side. She starts giving him mouth-to-mouth resucitation......uh...I think.....


This round's winner: Aussie2B!

Round 4: Aussie2B vs. GARDENHO

FO carries Crawl and 1000 out of the ring as GARDENHO steps in. The bell rings and the match is underway! GH begins with a long, boring speech complaining about different Game Ponders. Aussie rolls her eyes and calls him Al Gore. GH takes a step back, and tells Aussie to "quit her bickering". Aussie counters by bickering as much as possible, but GH is busy writing a boring game idea about Aussie. Aussie makes fun of GH and he calls her a grapefruit. Aussie attempts to hit GH with another blunt object, but he dodges and goes into another super-boring GARDENHO Speech! Aussie feels her eyelids getting heavy...she tries to take a step forward....but GH keeps blabbing and blabbing and blabbing! Aussie starts to feel sleepy...and passes out!!! GARDENHO's Speech was just too boring for her.


This round's winner: GARDENHO


flY3K runs into the ring and carries Aussie2B out, as DEVILRAYS takes center stage. The bell rings and the battle begins! GH starts off with a not-very-funny joke about no posting nonsense in the nonsense forum. D-RAYS replies by reciting the highly-confusing rules of his Game Pond tournaments and quizzes. GH comes back strong with another GARDENHO Speech, and D-RAYS replies with a huge Super Mario Fanfic filibustered with sports trivia! This goes back and forth like this for several minutes! The entire audience is falling asleep! Bodies fall from the balcony onto the lower seats! The sound of the audience snoring is almost enough to drown out the blabbering of the two contestants! GH continues to complain about Game Ponders and D-RAYS continues to pummel him with sports knowledge! Finally, GH runs out of Game Ponders to whine about...and D-RAYS can't think of any more sports trivia! It's at a stand-still, folks! Wait a minute...what's this? D-RAYS signs up a bunch of usernames like Vertical Bar and Morphius Judge of Mortals, and goes into a spiel about taking over the Game Pond! GARDENHO just can't take it! He has no fuel left! Clanking noises, like gears grinding to a halt are heard coming from him...steam shoots out of his ears, and he falls into several pieces!!


This round's winner: DEVILRAYS!


The janitor sweeps GARDENHO's pieces out of the ring as PUDDMANN enters to confront his own brother. The bell rings, and the fight begins! Before D-RAYS has a chance to take action, PUDDMANN starts screaming and cursing, and going into wild convulsions! D-RAYS tries to counter, but PUDDMANN deletes his post! PUDDMANN turns into a whirling dervish and screams around the ring, insulting everybody and blaming them for his personal problems! D-RAYS attempts to go into a DEVILRAYS Speech about getting banned, but PUDDMANN spins right into him spouting curse words and insults everywhere! D-RAYS goes flying out of the ring!


This round's winner: PUDDMANN

Round 7: PUDDMANN vs. Thawhidol

PUDDMANN continues to spin around the ring like the Taz-Manian Devil, as Thawhidol enters. The bell rings, but this match has already started. Thawhidol winds up, and goes into one of his infamous sleep-inducing speeches! Thawhidol: "Blahbity blabbity blah blah blah! Blah Blah blabbity blah blah blahbity BLAH BLAH BLAH! Blah blah Smackity smackity! Bleh bleh bleh bleh blehhhh! Blah blah! Blabber blabber blabber! Bleh blu blay! Bleh bleh Blah blah! BLABBITY BLABBITY! Blah blah BLAH!!" Suddenly, PUDDMANN stops dead in his tracks and falls over unconscious, bored into a coma by Thawhidol's speech!!


This round's winner: Thawhidol!

Round 8: Thawhidol vs. PSYKOSUMA

A bandaged D-RAYS drags PUDDMANN out of the ring by his shirt. Thawhidol stands and waits for his next opponent. Suddenly, a loud shriek, and PSYKOSUMA comes flying into the ring! She lands with an incredible thud, causing a tremor that knocks Thawhidol over onto his ass. Impatient for the bell to ring, Suma whacks it with her scythe and the final round begins! Thawhidol gets up and starts blabbering again. Suma counters everything he says! Thawhidol dodges every one of Suma's questions, and calls her a bunch of ones and zeros. Suma uses her scythe to bounce the ones and zeroes back at him, but Thawhidol runs and hides behind Bugforest. Suma pushes BF out of the way, and starts flaming Thawhidol! Thawhidol catches fire and attempts to flood Suma's e-mail complaining about it! But Suma blocks his e-mail address. Thawhidol starts complaining about the Game Pond. Suma disagrees with him, and Thawhidol tries to flood her board. But Suma counters by writing a Top Ten Worst Games review. Thawhidol starts screaming, "Too many big worrrrrrrrds!!!" KA-BLAM!! Thawhidol's head explodes!


This round's winner, and the undefeated champion of Blabber Wars Arena: PSYKOSUMA!!

We hope you enjoyed this first installment of Blabber Wars Arena! Goodnight!

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