DH: Welcome all to DBDH Arena 4. The audience has had enough time to place their bets, and now let's get the match underway! Today's fight is between Morgannon, a relative newcomer to the Game Pond, and SonyDragon, destroyer of newbies! Who will win? We'll find out, shortly. Heh heh! Let's go to the ring, shall we?

Camera pans down to the ring. DOVEBLOB is standing in the middle. A large bat comes flying into the ring next to DB. It circles in the air a few times, then in a puff of smoke, it turns into the demon sorceress, Morgannon.

DB: Ladies and gentleman, our first contestant....Morrrrrrrrrgannonnnnn!!

The audience cheers wildly!

A half-dragon/man flips over the side of the ring into the arena, rolls in mid-air, and lands on his feet on the other side of DB.

DB: And her challenger, SonyDragonZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

Audience cheers again!


DB: There's the bell! Let's fight!

DB flies out of the ring, and the match begins! Morgannon pulls out that weapon-thing that Divada uses and takes a swipe at SDZ! SDZ backflips away from her, and she misses! SDZ pulls out an over-sized DOOM gun and starts blasting away at Morgannon! Morg is dancing on her toes, trying to avoid the shots! She leaps out of the ring and tries to hide, but SDZ is on her tail! He chases her around the ring several times, and she finally leaps back in. She stands and waits in the middle of the ring. SDZ leaps back into the ring, too....but he is panting heavily. Tired out from running and carrying that huge gun, he falls forward onto his face! Morgannon starts casting deadly fireballs at SDZ....but they have no effect! SDZ stands up amongst the flames.

SDZ: Fire doesn't burn dragon!

SDZ opens his mouth and breathes flame all over Morgannon! Morg's hair catches on fire and she runs around the ring! She grabs a bucket of water and sticks her head in it to put out the flames. Then she spins around with the bucket and hurls it at SonyDragon's face! The water gets in his mouth and extinguishes his flame! He doubles over chokig as black smoke comes out of his nostrils and ears. Morgannon quickly runs over to him and kicks him in the stomach! SDZ goes flying backwards into the ropes! He shakes his head a bit, then reaches behind him...

SDZ: Okay, lady, you asked for it! 1 w1ll ha><0r j00!!!

SDZ pulls the DOOM chainsaw out from behind him and revs it up! He makes a bum rush right for Morgannon, but Morg leaps straight up and disappears! SDZ went to take a swing at Morgannon with the chainsaw, but missed! He fell forward, and the chainsaw plants itself into the floor of the arena! It grinds to a halt...Morgannon reappears and comes down behind SDZ. She brings her fists together and knocks him in the head on her way down! SDZ rolls to the side..Morgannon lifts up her axe weapon and is about to finish SDZ off, when....

Voice from Offstage: Wait! Stop!

DH: A skinny man jumps into the ring! He runs up behind Morganno and grabs hold of the axe before she can bring it down on SDZ!

Morg: Hey! What're you doing?! Let go!

DanO: No! I want to finish him off!!

Morg: This is MY fight! What do YOU have against him?

DanO: He has "Sony" in his name! I shall destroy all of Sony! AAHHAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHAH!!

DH: DanO turns around and faces Morgannon.

DanO: And when I'm done, I'll destroy you, too! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Morg: What?! Why?! Explain yourself!

DanO (grabbing Morg's arm): She said she didn't like N-Sider! All who oppose me and the N-Sider shall pay! Mwa HAHAHAHHAHHAA!

Morg: Let go of me you JERK!!!

DH: Morgannon swings the axe forward, sending DanO flying! He lands on the mat and falls over with a large thud, that shakes the whole arena! The shaking of the arena causes the chainsaw that SDZ had planted in the floor to break loose! It starts up again and zooms across the floor, tearing it up as it goes along! Oh, no, it's headed right for......

DanO: Oh, no..

DH: Oh, man! The chainsaw just went right through DanO and cut him right in half!!! His body parts go flying to opposite ends of the ring!

Morg: Now where were we..huh? Where'd he go?

DH: SonyDragon comes up behind Morgannon and grabs her in a chokehold! She drops the axe and attempts to get him off, but she can't break his grip! She attempts to disappear, but it doesn't work! So she slams herself hard onto the canvas, hoping to knock him unconscious...When they hit the floor, there is a loud creaking sound...Apparently, the chainsaw did more damage to the arena then originally thought. The arena shakes a few times....then Morgannon and SonyDragon fall through the canvas floor! The whole ring implodes upon itself! Parts of the ring hit the lights on the ceiling! The lights and cameras begin falling off the ceiling! The ceiling starts falling with it! People in the audience begin to panic! They're falling out of their seats from the upper rows! Chaos and destruction are everywhere, folks! looks like the ceiling above the announcer's booth is going to........

Suddenly, the TV screen goes blank, and we pan to a camera outside the building. It continues to film the action as the whole DBDH Arena Studio implodes into a huge pile of dust and smoke. People run from the building, screaming! After the dust settles, everything is silent for awhile...DB, who had flown out of the arena before it imploded flies onto the pile of rubble. She sees DH's hand and pulls her out of the mess.

DH: Cough..cough...ah shit...

The two just stare at each other for a moment. Then suddenly they see some of the rubble moving, and a hand pops up! DB and DH run over and pull the rest of the body up! It's Morgannon! She's wobbly as she stands on her feet! DB holds up her arm.

DB: And the winner is...Morrrrrrrgannonnnnnnnn!!!!

Tumbleweeds roll by. The lone camera crew outside quietly claps.


Morgannon drops to her knees, then falls flat on her face. Suddenly, SonyDragon's head pops up out of the rubble.

SDZ (coughs out some dust): Man....what happened? Last thing I remember, I was playing DOOM...and I thought I fell asleep at my keyboard and had the weirdest dream...hmmmm...Oh well, time to go home, I guess.

SDZ leaps out of the pile of debris and takes off.

DH: Well, there you have it folks! 25 Arena Points to Morgannon, and good forture to all those who bet on her! This is DEATHAMSTER and DOVEBLOB for DBDH Arena Special Edition....Goodnight!

DH falls over backwards and passes out. DB waves goodbye!

The End

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