DH's Note: This installment of DBDH Arena was actually the first of a new "special edition" version that consisted of me drawing two random ezboard people's names from a hat and pitting them against each other. Since previous installments were all based on actual arguments between people, this was much tougher to do, because if there had never been any real arguments between the people drawn, I had to come up with my own "motivation" for them to be fighting. As a result, this episode is nowhere near up to the standards of the others, but I thought I'd put it up, anyway. This has also been edited a bit from its original version. ~DH

DH: Hello and welcome to DBDH Arena! We are now live backstage with our hostess, DOVEBLOB, and our special guests! DB?

DB: Well, DH, this is a special edition of DBDH Arena. From now on, our contestants will be fighting not only for their honor and reputation, but also for prize points! Let's meet today's special guests, shall we?

The camera pans over to the interview area where there are two people seated on a sofa.

DB: Let's say hello to Morgannon and SonyDragonZ!

A confused murmur comes from the audience.

DB:......you know? Morgannon and SonyDragon...they post at the Game Pond on occasion....

A resounding, "Ohhhhhhhh...." comes from the audience. DB stares for a moment, then turns to Morgannon.

DB: Well, Morgannon, you're relatively new to the Game Pond. Tell us, how did you find it, and what keeps you here?

Morg: Well, you see, I used to post at the N-Sider, but it was too difficult to follow conversation there, due to how the threads were laid out, so I went to another message board. But that one was destroyed by spammers. So I decided to make my own board, and found ezboard. I needed help figuring out what to do, so I went to the help forums, but instead, I got caught up in the conversations there. One in particular caught my attention. There was this guy.... Now, man, was this guy insane!

Audience (all at once): WE KNOW!!!

DB (to Morgannon): Eh...heh heh! I see the audience is full of Game Pond visitors tonight! Please continue!

Morg: Ahem! Well, anyway, he was blaming something on another user, Kiera-Yin-Cat. He said that she was responsible for spammers attacking his board. (Oh, puh-lease.) Then he started going on and on about blacklisting and someone named GH64, and I thought, "Man, is this guy full of it!"

Audience (altogether): WE KNOW!!!

DB: Eh..heh heh heh hehheh.......QUIET!!!

The audience grows deafly silent.

DB: Please, continue.

Morg: Uhh..hmm..well, anyway, I followed the link in Kiera's sig back to her board, and man was I impressed with it! I just decided to stay here, rather than make my own board! I'm not exactly one of the most well-known regs, but I post from time to time.

DB: So, you'd say you're a "newbie", huh?

Morg: (laughs) Yes, I guess you could call me that!

DB: Okay, well, let's talk to our second guest, now, SonyDragonZ. Sony?

SDZ: D00M 0wnzer j00, new81e!!

DB: Ummm........what was that?

SDZ: I shall destroy all newbies!!!!

DB (looks at SonyDragon): Well, ladies and gentlemen, I fear SonyDragon has been playing too much DOOM again, and he's in a trance.

Morg: Well, I'm a newbie, do you think you could destroy me?

SDZ: 1 0wnz3r j00, n3w813!!!

Morg (stands up): HA! I went up against the likes of Bugforest! I doubt even the mighty SonyDragon could defeat me!

SDZ: We shall see, n3w813!!

DH (in control room): Allright, guys and girls, that's enough! Let's take it to the arena!

Two security guards walk in and each grab one of SonyDragon's arms and drag him out to the arena. He is still in a trance and mumbling stuff about newbies. Morgannon leaps over the sofa and heads out the other door to the arena.

DB: Well, there you have it, folks! Morgannon vs. SonyDragon! Who will win? Place your bets, now!

The lights in the studio go out and the audience begins placing their bets.

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