Global user
(12/9/99 10:45:16 pm)

Well, well, well.
What a mess this place is.

Master Ghaleon 99
(12/9/99 10:53:56 pm)

Re: Well, well, well.
My God, it has returned.


Global user
(12/10/99 11:26:22 pm)
Re: Well, well, well.
This post has been removed under article 35 of the Code of the Vicious Circle.

Agisuro, there is no "article 35 of the Code of the Vicious Circle. You're so stupid...besides....I WANTED TO DO THAT!!!

I personally think you two should've left that post in there. That way, everyone who came to the Game Pond late, and missed GH64, could've seen how stupid he really is. ~Pero

I saw it before you got to it. All I can say is......what a psycho! God, isn't there a "virtual asylum" we could put these people in, somewhere? ~Cat9~

Allright, guys and girls, enough fighting within the post! You've had your fun! Capiche? ~BJ Strykes~

I look like an egg.

So does my hamster.

LOL! You guys! ~StG~

I want to edit GH64's post, too! -CB007

What, do u liek thees grafixs? Go play with your 16 bit toyz!


Gee thanks guys. Removing his post kinda makes my response look dumb.

Well......look at this way....At least you don't have to see "that kind of junk" anymore! ~Kai

Crawl and 1000 will you marry me? ~FO~

My Christmas Tree farted

Can anybody tell me where I can find a bagel?

What is that "Signature" that GH64 has? Looks like a Web Address.

Well, if you take out the "8080:" it goes to a deleted thread in the Game Pond. I think he just did that so the signature would be long and make threads hard to read..Even though it makes little difference in most people's ability to comprehend what he's saying, anyway. ~Kiera


Aw, man! I must have missed something pretty good! ~Light

Chugga chugga choo chooooo!



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The moral of the story is here, folks, don't ever flood a board and then make posts bragging about it afterwards. In the end, the flood posts are gone and forgotten, but THIS is forever.

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