Ode to Crawlie Smoosh 1

by Flying Omelette

Oh, Crawlie Smoosh, you are my dear
Would you like to see my perfect rear?

Your enchanting spell, I swear could hex me
I just find you so, so sexy!

My pajamas for two, I wear with pride
But no one's in the other side..

Let's play Pokemon, till we've had enough
Then later I'll show you my Jigglypuff!

When I look at your picture, I know I swoon
I'd like to give you my Harvest Moon

Oh, Crawlie Smoosh, I'm so ashamed
Of all those times I had you flamed

Oh, Crawlie Smoosh, there is no other
Would you like to be my only lover?

Oh, Crawlie, you mean the world to me
I love you even if we don't always agree

Together we'll play Pokemon, Zelda, & Mario
If only you didn't live far away in Ohio...

I love you my Smoosh, I hope you love me too
Please don't hate me when I act just a little cuckoo

Of all the people I've met, I love you most of all
Right now I could use, 1000 mg of Crawl

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