Ode to Crawl and FO

by James FP

When I first met Crawl
I thought he was boring
His posts were so long
That I'd soon be snoring

When FO came along
Things got pretty hairy
Most everyone agreed
That she was quite scary

But the N-Sider closed
And we came to the Pond
'Twas for the best I suppose
Let bygones be gone

So Crawl came along
And I think it's a shame
When his opinions are different
He would always get flamed

On the N-Sider board
Everyone flamed Crawl
But Flying Omelette was known
For doing it most of all

Here at the Game Pond
FO was delighted, in fact
For the days of flaming Crawl
Had finally come back

But she went on vacation
And disappeared for a while
But when she returned
She had lost her smile

The others had flamed Crawl
From below and above
So she tried to cheer him up
By professing her love!

She started to "chase" him
And I think she was sure
The probaby no one
Asked him to marry her before

So the first post she made
And it came as a surprise
Was "Will you Marry Me, Crawl?"
In +7 font size

She made up little names
Like "Crawlie Wawlie" and "Smoosh"
No one thought he'd fall for it
'Till he logged on as "Snuggle Mush"

Some people thought he was crazy
And said he'd crossed the line
Into insanity
But there was no looking behind

Crawl made a signature
To make his feelings clear
FO made him jammies for two
And offered to show her rear

No one knew for sure
Just how far this would go
Until Crawl changed the subject
Of every thread to "I LOVE FO!"

Some people like D-RAYS
Thought FO and Crawl were the same
But this love is for REAL
And I would not call it lame

Crawl's not really bad
And neither is FO
They're just a little different
As far as those things go

Crawl and FO are two people
Very special to me
I respect them both
Even if we disagree!

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