Ode to James FP

Note: FO originally posted this to the Game Pond on 1/6/2000 8:39 pm EST. She wrote it because I was feeling down and left the board for some reason (sounds like I must've gotten in trouble with somebody there), but I don't remember the details of the situation at all. The only thing I do remember is sneaking back in with a prank account, "Kamidake", that I shared with my RL friend, Bogus666. However, it's an ode about me and I'm just narcissistic enough to want to archive it, so here it is:

Ode to James FP
by Flying Omelette 1/6/2000

A long time ago on N-Sider
I met James From Pokemon
I often had thought to myself
"My, he's a dopey one.."

His jokes were a little strange
He was always quoting Team Rocket
And then he would brag of his armies
Of potato salad and hot chocolate

One time on the Pokemon board
He was making some nonsense posts
And then later on that night
Of all the insults he got, he would boast!

When we first came to the Game Pond
When I wasn't quite sure what to think
Of his nonsense posts and his banter
That rival the odes of L00KINGLINK

But there was something below the surface
That I just never quite realized
That beneath all the nonsense and kid stuff
James was really quite an admirable guy

He helped me in times I was troubled
When I just could not understand
He explained things and helped ease my worries
And took matters into his own hands

But one thing I won't forget easy
Perhaps the most stunning of all
Was when people had wanted us banished
He stood up for me and for Crawl

Now he feels like a Game Pond outcast
And I have a feeling that I just can't help
That when I look at James From Pokemon
I see so much of myself

I hope that he comes back sometime soon
If not, that would sure be a shame
Because the Game Pond just isn't the Game Pond
Without the presence of our best friend, James

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