by Devilrays

Oh PUDDMANN, my brother, mysterious guy
At first I believed the bad stuff about you was a lie.

You didn't go to NSider much, but when you did
They must have thought you were just an irate little kid.

You told them about the NSider's storied past
Having no idea that the BBS would not last.

You came to the Game Pond occasionally
And if people didn't reply to you, you got mad as could be.

You decided that you would go and demand respect;
Hey bro, if they don't reply now, then maybe the next.

Then you threatened to leave if we didn't comply,
So since you couldn't make sense, we just said "Goodbye."

So you slithered your way back through "Game Pond Millionaire"
And if I didn't use your questions, you wouldn't get out of my hair.

Then you made a big deal about your cat being dead -
Hey, we've lost pets too; don't let it go to your head.

So what started as a joke with GARDENHO
Soon erupted into something that made the Game Pond blow.

I admit that I may have made some mistakes
But you didn't have to rave like a madman with a rake.

I tried apologizing to the admins, but I soon got the blame
When you dragged the fight on; have you no shame?

Kiera banned us both but Sethra talked her in
To letting me stay and bringing peace again.

I guess Kiera was right when she declared
That you and mod powers were something to be feared.

That truism was proved when you ranted on the Arena board
And deleted my reply without reading it; are you THAT bored?

You cost me a shot at admin and a heap of respect
But you still blame all of us, thinking I'd have you decked.

So go on and scoff and call Kiera a "whore"
But post at the Game Pond? You shall nevermore!

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