Ode to SethraShnoo Part 1

by BJ Strykes

Sethra, my cousin, I know her so well
Sethra, darling, is the cousin from hell!

On the weekends I'd like one more hour of sleep
But she jumps on my bed and stomps with her feet

If I fall down the stairs, she thinks that's so funny
She rifles my wallet and steals all my money

Never before has a man been so harassed
It gives her a thrill to see BJ embarassed

I can't count the times this witch-girl has ticked me
She once put a sign on my back that said "kick me!"

I love her to pieces, now don't get me wrong
But there are times that I'd wish she'd move to Hong Kong

Why does this woman have to be so mean?
One night I was sleeping, she dyed my hair green

Now, Sethra Kinov, I suggest you hold back
Because, one more poem, and Evil Benji attacks

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