Ode to SethraShnoo Part 3

by BJ Strykes

Sethra, my Darling, you've asked for this
Sethra, my Darling, big ole Benji's pissed

Sethra's a clown, she thinks she's hilarious
All of her deeds, I must say are nefarious

I get out of the shower, early in the morning
She takes off with my clothes, without any warning

Her cooking's so bad, you have no idea
Whenever I eat it, I get diarrhea

I can compare her to a lit firecracker
When she gets on my nerves, I get a wet towel and whack her

Sethra's so small, she fits in the toaster
If she writes one more poem, I'll pop her in and roast her!

Sethra, my Darling, before you go home
Honor this request, leave poor Benji alone!

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