Ode to SethraShnoo Part 4

by BJ Strykes

Oh, Sethra Kinov, she looks like a Shnoo
I believe Sethra Kinov belongs in a zoo

She comes to my house, goes on an eating barrage
She screams and she shouts, then wants a foot massage

I can lift her and carry her over my shoulder
But she then throws a tantrum, like a runaway boulder

Oh, Sethra Kinov, my dear, darling child.
Why must you drive poor Benjamin wild?

You know, Sethra Kinov, I'm not in the mood.
You come to my house and eat all my food

There are times that I think you act like a ninny
As much as you eat, I'm surprised you're so skinny

Oh, Sethra Kinov, you're like a loose cannon
Behave, or I'll make you watch me fight Ganon!

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