Ode to SquareSoft

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by Deathspork

Oh Squaresoft, Oh Squaresoft,
Oh how I miss you
Sure, you're still around,
but your new games are an issue

They suck, they blow
They're contrite and boring
The 'graphics over gameplay' approach
sends me to my bed a'snoring

What was it that happened
Along the way
That convinced you to make
All your games so... (now what's a word that rhymes with way...?)

And it's hard to comprehend
Just what you were on
When you signed to make games
Exclusively for Wonderswan

You think you're so big
You make other companies seem funny
You used to be about games
And now it's money, money, money

To suggest you make a fun 2D game
At that, I'm sure you would scoff
I think you should change your name
It'd be more fitting as $quare$oft

And now you have millions of followers
You've forgotten about those that you've crossed
Well, here's at least one of your fans
One of your fans you just lost

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