NOTE: This is about the old N-Sider BBS circa 1998-1999.

Ode to the N-Sider
by urobbie 10/25/1999

A popular site
Nearly everyone knows
But all who have been there
Will agree that it blows

They took it away
They said some people
Just didn't know how to play

They redid the Loud House
So well in fact
You couldn't count the problems
And be that exact

So where shall I start?
Hmmm... let me think
Of how to describe it
Using paper and ink

BBS Wars
Tell me, what is that?
Virtual fighting
Using online chat?

Good idea
Bad bunch of kids;
Take it too seriously
And this ride's bound to skid

Playstation sucks!
Did that hurt you bad?
Because if it did
That's awfully sad

So make me a comeback
Whatever you say
I'll say "Go to Hell"
That'll make it okay

Now I try to make up
But a smiley won't work
Because there's no parentheses
So I still look like a jerk

So Leader of HAWC
Or something to that effect
He made it his business
To serve and protect

And as though it would make us
Go away crying
He'd tell us both to shut up
But at least he was trying

Then there's that Dan O
Who we love and adore
He can be so darn cranky
Like he needs a good whore

When we had our fights
He got plumb overheated
"Stop all this mess
Or your names will be deleted!"

Oh don't take my name!
Whatever shall I do--
But sign on as UROBBIE1,
Or 3, or maybe 2?

And then came that rule:
The BBS isn't chat;
It's only a message board
What's up with that?

"Hi, how's it going?"
"Fine. You the same?"
In here 'cause the chat's
Inaccessible and lame

"How many secrets in Zelda?"
No one really knows
There's just too many myths
As far as that stuff goes

So how do you separate
The facts from the fiction?
You can't, because dumb people
Haven't any restriction

"The problem's too big!"
Said N.O.A.
So they took down the forums
And ruined our day

They say it'll return
After an indefinite time
A professional way of saying
"We're sick of your kind"

So when will it come back?
Where'd everyone go?
Nintendo won't tell you
'Cause they don't even know

If you're new to the story
That's all there is to it
That's how a bunch
Of simpletons blew it

So find your new forums
Keep passing the time
Because I can't think
Of another damn rhyme!

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