Another Writing

by Benji

Editor's Note: This piece was untitled. I just called it what the original topic title called it.

"How had this started?", Pampano wondered. He used to train with this man. He would have never imagined fighting him to the death. They grew up together, in a nice neighborhood in Central Planet Orange. Orange is one big continent. The planet is named Orange because of the color of the water, all orange.

"Focus on the battle," said his closest friend, Kingo, through telepathy. "This time you must not lose!"

He acknowledged this and kept on fighting. Sweat dripped across his forehead almost into his eye. Pampano's hand brushed against the cross in his pocket, trying to make it look like he was looking for something to wipe the dripping sweat off his face. Quickly, he pulled his hand out and shot a ball of electric energy toward his enemy. He then dodged the reflected energy. His enemy grunted and cocked his hand into the calic gun position.

Pampano anticipated this move before he had gotten into the position. He used his recently gained technique of slowing down time to move behind Karraro, his enemy. Then he sped time back up again. Before he had realized it, Karraro had shot at nothing, the beam cutting through the sky until it disappeared into a cloud.

Pampano stayed silent until his adversary turned around and yelped in surprise. Pampano then kicked Karraro and he seemed to give up. He stayed in the position, regretting underestimating Pampano's power. He looked into the sky above himself and uttered an incoherent word and fell to the groud, splashing into a pool of bubbling mud.

Then something weird happened. The mud hardened as soon as it had consumed his body. Then the mud started turning dark green and the color started pulsating out towards all directions, changing everything to dark green or brown, rotting colors. Karraro had had so much concentrated evil it was destroying the whole planet.

Pampano watched as the mountains in the horizon started lowering into the ground. He guessed that the ground could not hold their weight and they were also so rotten. He glared at the beautiful flowers wilted and withered into nothing. The ground started to cave and the trees and animals fell in. He then thought about the billions of people living on this planet and shuddered. He knew the only way to save the place was to sacrifice something pure good, himself.

He frowned and told Kingo to tell his family that he loved them. He floated down to the ground and stood there. The ground below him collapsed in about thirty seconds and he fell through. Underneath the surface it was both unbearably hot and extremely cold. Pampano then fell, fell for what seemed like hours. Then he hit. He wheezed and tried to sit up, falling, then passing out cold, then dying from the smoke.

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