Dragon Ball Fanfiction

by Benji

~This story is based 50 years after the Shenlong series of DBGT~

Power levels being four times higher then they were at the end of DBGT, people can now reach Super Saiyan level 10. Only one person out of 4 living Super Saiyans can reach above SS level 6, though. Two saiyans out of 5,000 can reach the level of being psychic, most not knowing it.

A high-powered battle wages on in the streets of deserted New York City between Gokin, Goku's grandson, and Damug, Ubuu's crazed son. Both are psychic.

Gokin didn't move as Damug was circling and taunting him. Gokin was creating a Modified Spirit Bomb (a Spirit Bomb that is completely invisible to everyone but the creator). Gokin could feel the power surging through his veins as he started gathering up his energy.

"Spirit Bomb, eh?" taunted Damug.

"Huh?" asked Gokin waveredly.

"Oh, guess not," answered Damug.

The MSB was done in almost three minutes. Gokin swung his arms down and watched Damug's expession change from smug to scared.

"WHAT?!?" cried Damug as the MSB hit him with unimaginable force, crushing him a half-mile into the ground in less than a second. Pieces of Earth as big as houses flew up faster than the speed of sound, a few getting closer than comfort to Gokin. Buildings imploded in no time at all, sending dust miles into the air.

When the dust and rock settled, New York looked like a big crater. Streets ending right at the edge of the enormous crater. It looked as if an atomic bomb had gone off right in the center of NYC.

Gokin sighed into the dusty air:

"Finally over..." Gokin said with a sigh of relief.

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