Dragon Ball: The Vegeta Wars

by Deathspork


The now near extinct saiyans of today were not always so scarce. They used to be the dominant race on their home planet of Vegeta. Many, many years ago, the saiyans had a great battle with the human-like tuffle race that also inhabited their planet. The saiyans grew tired of being oppressed by the technologically superior tuffles and began fighting back. Though the saiyans greatly outpowered the tuffles, the tuffles outnumbered them and were much more advanced, thus they used weapons and machinery to fend off the primitive saiyans. This defense proved to work very well, until one fateful day, for the first time in centuries, Vegeta had a full moon. The saiyans all transformed into hideous beasts, gigantic apes, their power levels skyrocketed. Even the deadliest of weapons proved to be no match. The transformed saiyans ripped the planet apart, there was nary a place to hide from the anger and wrath of the saiyans. The tuffles were wiped out by the impending chaos, almost.

There was a small group of tuffles that survived. This tale takes place at that time, when the tuffle race was trying to reconstruct itself, and the saiyans were struggling to break free of chaos and form a society and hierarchy of their own.

Chapter One

In the vast plateaus of the planet Vegeta, a once urban, heavily populated city is reduced to a large expanse of rubble. The stench of death looms in the air, there is nary a soul alive save 3 Tuffle men. One adolescent is laying unconscious still from the chaos that has just ended. The other two are trained fighters, heavily armed and well equipped, who spot the boy and are walking over to inspect the situation. The taller man seems to be about 7 feet tall, his black hair waving in all directions and a red cape with white boots and a yellow belt. It is easily assumed that he is a strong, powerful fighter. The smaller of the two has black hair as well, kept short, with many items ornamenting his belt. He seems to be some kind of scientific scholar, though he could probably hold his own in a fight. The boy has medium length blonde hair, wearing all brown and looking hurt and sliced up.

The smaller of the two fighters walks up to the boy and pulls out an advanced medical instrument, one of the many amazing Tuffle inventions. He holds it up to the boy's forehead.

"Is he alive?", asks the apparent leader of the band. The other one nods.

"Thank goodness! We've finally found another Tuffle alive. This is a good sign, there must be others somewhere."

The man with the instrument pulls a bag off of his belt, "Sensui beans. If these don't do the trick, nothing will."

He takes out a single bean and places it in the boy's mouth. Suddenly, the torn and tattered young man opens his eyes and seems confused.

"NO, NO, the red moon."

"Relax", says the smaller man. "The red moon has been gone for about 48 hours now. The saiyans are back in their normal state and we tuffles are safe for now."

"Yes", says the large man, interrupting, "But we never know when those saiyans are coming back, and saiyans surely don't have to be in ape form to take out 3 humans."

The boy is searching for answers, "Where... where are the others!? How many were lost? Where am I right now? I've never seen this place before."

"Well", says the smaller of the men, hesitantly, "The saiyans destroyed everyone. We three are the only Tuffles I know of that are alive. The reason you don't recognize this place is because it has been torn to shreds by the filthy saiyans."

"Everyone!? NO! I don't believe it!", the boy looks overwhelmingly saddened by the news.

"There, there", says the smaller of the fighters. "Allow me to introduce the two of us, since we will seemingly be sticking together from now on. I am Katara, the inventor and warrior, and this is Strykes, the strongest tuffle in existence, um, I mean even before there were only 3 tuffles in existence."

"Please", says Strykes, "You're telling him too much to absorb at one time. So, my good boy, what is your name? Or have you forgotten it in your unconsciousness?"

The boy thinks for a minute, "Uh, Skyler, that's my name. I am son of Tresiro, one of the smartest tuffles in my city."

"Tresiro," says Katara, "The wiseman and scholar, yes I believe I've heard of him before. Anyone with his blood running through him has got to be pretty smart. Now, come, we will make a fire and we will give you some time to recuperate."

At this time the band, now consisting of three, walks over to the open spot in the middle of the rubble. Strykes shows off some of his amazing ability and sparks a fire from his hand. It's a tough feat for tuffles to do this. As Skyler sits down, warming himself in the glow of the fire, he looks around and fully realizes the impact of the red moon. He realizes that this vast expanse of rubble was the booming metropolis he had known all his life just 48 hours earlier. The playground where he used to visit everyday when he was young he could now see as a faint mark rising up out of the debris. Barely recognizable pieces of the dojo where he would go to watch fighting matches were all that was left. All he could do was put his head into his knees and sob, hoping, praying he would wake up from a bad dream to the warmth of his mother and scuttle off to school. But he knew, all too well, that wasn't true. He tried his best, though, to convince himself otherwise. As Skyler was falling deeper still into his zone of anger and uncontrollable sadness, his grim thoughts were interrupted by Strykes.

"Skyler, my new partner, let me share with you our goal. Me and Katara here have been searching the land all over for other tuffles. What we need to do is rehabilitate our race, and for that we'll need to find females, but the only sign of intelligent life we've seen since the apocalypse is you."

Skyler looks at Strykes with interest in his eyes. "Now, unfortunately, we have found no sign of any type of aircraft either, and since you will need to stay with us to survive, you better get used to walking." The boy nods.

"If I were you, I wouldn't worry about a thing. You're with us, and if any enemies attack we are heavily armed and well-trained." "Yeah", interrupts Katara, "We could show those dirty saiyans a thing or two with these!" He holds up a high-powered energy blaster rifle.

"No, Katara", says Strykes, "We don't need to be provoking any saiyans any time soon. Remember that they are living creatures just like us, and I have a feeling we may be able to negotiate with them and in time live side by side with them sometime in the future. But that's in the future. For right now all we need to be worrying about is avoiding the saiyans as best we can and finding other humans. Besides, if we run into any large groups of angry saiyans, it's bye bye tuffle race. They have man power and the strength of numbers on their side."

All of the talk of saiyans gets Skyler's nerves in a frenzy. He remembers all too well what took place just days earlier. "Man", he sputters, "I thought all those giant ape stories were just fairy tales. I can't really believe what I witnessed. I'm just glad that's not going to happen again, at least for a few thousand years."

"That's not necessarily true", explains Katar. "You see, it could take months to get that out of their system. My research proves that after saiyans transform once, it could again be triggered shortly after they return to normal state by getting overly angry and filled with rage."

"Yeah, this coming from the guy who was wanting to go shooting up saiyans. You don't think that would make them angry?", says Strykes as the quiet natured Skyler eagerly listens to the two's conversation about saiyans.

"Not to worry", says Katara reassuringly, "It's not at all possible unless the saiyan is at super saiyan level, or almost up to it at least, and as we know there hasn't been a super saiyan in thousands of years. I highly doubt there will ever be one again. The saiyan bloodline has become too vast to harbor super saiyan genes."

"Well, I hope you're right", says Skyler. Skyler stands up to stretch. Just then, a thought crosses his mind. "Hey, before we leave, let me go check out my house to see what's left of it."

"Fair enough", says Strykes. "Do you think you can find it in all of this rubble?", he asks.

"I don't see why not. I can sort of recognize where I'm at right now", says the young adolescent. At that, Skyler moves into position of front man as Strykes and Katara follow him as he walks through the rubble and around the absolute carnage, seemingly knowing just where his destination is. A few minutes later, Skyler stops at a large structure with the roof and two sides ripped off of it.

"Ah, what luck. It seems to be standing better than most of the houses around here. Let's take a look around and see if we can find anything salvageable."

"As much as I hate to say it", says Katara, "I highly doubt that. Just take a look around, the saiyans destroyed everything."

"Yes, they did destroy everything...everything on the surface, that is", counters Skyler as he kicks a pile of debris out of the way, revealing a combination lock door as the two others look in awe.

"It's my father's underground lab. This is where he and his students worked and studied. There should be many items that will benefit us in here." Skyler hastily turns the lock and then flings open the doors. The band of three walk down a set of stairs, then Skyler turns on the lights to reveal a high-tech looking laboratory with computers along the right hand side and closets full of futuristic looking gadgets.

"Ah, it's light", says Katara. "There hasn't been any light since before the saiyan transformation."

"Very nice!", exclaims Strykes as he looks around the room, inspecting all of the inventions. "Scouters! We will no doubt need these."

"Not just any scouters", adds Skyler, "Advanced scouters. Able to detect not only the subject's power level, but intelligence level, fear level and bravery, providing you with all the necessary knowledge to defeat your opponent." At this, Strykes and Katara get an amazed look on their faces.

"And look at this. This is what is really going to help us." Skyler walks over to one of the many compartments full of gadgets and pulls out a compass-looking instrument. "It was my dad's final invention, the SDU, or species detection unit. It can detect any species in a radius of 100 miles, including tuffles."

"Really!?", says Katara, enthusiasticly. "YES! This will make it one hundred percent easier."

"Unquestionably", says Strykes, adding to the conversation.

Skyler, knowing just what he's looking for, starts equipping himself for the journey. He pulls out a chestplate, pads, white gloves with lasers attached, and an energy dispensing rifle, which he straps onto his back.

"Let's do this", he says, quite bluntly. He picks up the SDU and types in a code indicating tuffles.

"Amazing! he says, "According to this there is a large group of about twenty tuffles, due north thirty five miles from here."

"Skyler, I cannot express how grateful I am for this new equipment," says Strykes. "Now let's get this show on the road."

With that, the party of three are off. From the position of Skyler's house, the group becomes smaller and smaller, fainter and fainter until they disappear into the horizon. They have a clear goal in mind. The fate of their race and of their entire planet depends on if they can fulfill that goal. Will they succeed? What lies in store? The answers to these questions will be unfolded in the upcoming chapters of Dragonball: The Vegeta Wars.

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