Shnoo Fantasy

by NextBillGates

For millions of years the Shnoos lived in peace within the clouds, but have never set foot on land. The Shnoos have rebuilt their civilization and have mutated into miniature humans with wings. All the technology of the United Shnoos is the most advanced ever recorded in Shnoo history. The leader of this glorious and powerful democracy is Mushy Shnoo and his wife, Kiera Yin Shnoo. Mushy Shnoo tries his best to lead the nation, but the Shnoos still long for Shnooland.

One day the Shnoos all went on strike because they're sick of the clouds. After Mushy Shnoo quickly put a stop to that, the Shnoos decided to get horny and overpopulate the clouds. Mushy Shnoo created a space program and colonized the other worlds. The Shnoos finally got fed up with inaction and murdered Mushy Shnoo and KYS. The Shnoos elected Next Shnoo and Dove Blob Shnoo as their leaders.

As the Shnoos built up an all powerful military for the assualt on Shnooland they trained their soldiers and pilots for the attack. A year later everything was ready for the assault on Shnooland.

"I want every chocobo eradicated from Shnooland. Take no prisoners.", said Next Shnoo.

"YES SIR!", yelled all the soldiers in unison.

The scout went out and, for the first time in millions of years, a Shnoo went below the clouds. The scout went a few feet below the clouds and flew into the turboengine of a 747! The Shnoos waited for their scout to return. They prepared their army for the assualt. A few days later, Next Shnoo sent out another scout. When the scout returned, he looked like he was high. After some time, he snapped out of it.

"What did you find out?", said Next Shnoo.

"There were BIG buildings, and people that look just like us except they're much bigger and they don't have wings," said the scout.

"What's the power of their military?"

"They have pretty much the same technology that we do except on a larger scale. They can't use magic but I hear that they have the ultimate weapon of mass destruction."

"That's all I want to know. You'll get great rewards."

"Thank you, President Next."

"Ready the army," Next Shnoo said to one of his advisors.

"Yes SIR!"

The Shnoo's attack came without warning. Out of the clouds came millions of tiny jet fighters armed to the teeth. They completely decimated Philadelphia and they would have gone on to Pittsburgh had they not used up most of their weapons and fuel. The humans were caught off guard, so they didn't have time for a counterattack.

"Sir, we did it! We destroyed a major city. It's only a matter of time before we take over Shnooland," said the flight leader.

"Good job, men," said Next Shnoo. Just then they felt a small earthquake.

"What was that?", said Next Shnoo.

"It wasn't done by us, sir," said the flight leader.

The earthquakes continued for the next week as the Shnoos began their carpet bombing. The Shnoos focused on the immeadiate area. New Jersey was the first to go, but it reached as far up as Maine and into Canada and as far south as Florida. The Shnoos were extremly angry because the statue of Fatshnoo had been turned into the Empire State Building and the statues of DKS and Devil Shnoo had been turned into the World Trade Center. The humans tried to launch a counterattack but the Shnoos destroyed the humans' jet fighters before they even got off the runway. One day the earthquakes became very severe and it continued without stopping.

"Sir, look!", a Shnoo said to Next Shnoo. A strange looking rift opened up in the middle of the ground.

"I haven't seen something like that in my life. Wait, now I see it. My God, it's.........X-ZONE!!!!!!", said Next Shnoo as he observed the deadly spell.

X-Zone grew a few miles in diameter, swallowing a lot of Shnoos. Just then, things began to pop out of X-Zone. Out popped Cloud, the Weapons, Jenova, the Espers, all the Pokemon, Zeremus, and Sephiroth.

As all the characters ever seen in an RPG emerge from X-Zone they begin destroying everything. The Shnoos barely escaped and the humans were nowhere to be found. The Shnoos regrouped and went into battle yet again. The human military was also en route. All the Shnoos cast every spell known to Shnookind. All the creatures cast all the spells they knew. And then the humans came and dropped their weapon. The nuke hit the ground with a big explosion. And then it happened...

The chain reaction hit the earth with the fury of a billion supernovas. X-Zone and everything in it was completely obliterated by the white light of judgment. In a split second, every thing that all the Earth's past and present societies had worked for hung in the balance of fate. Then, it all came crashing down. Every last Shnoo and human was destroyed, as well as every one of their achievements. The Earth imploded for a minute and then exploded like a balloon being popped. The chunks of Earth and magma hurtled through outer space at the speed of light, and the large shockwave caused by the destruction ripped into Mars and Venus. The moon lost its orbit only to be captured by Venus. After everything settled down, a quiet peace followed. It was then interrupted by echoes of the insane laugh of Kefka Shnoo...

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