Benji's stay was short, but his silly game ideas are sweet!

  • Blue Screen of Death 64
  • Break Furniture 64
  • Get Hit by a Car 64
  • Pokemon Breeding Edition

  • Blue Screen of Death 64

    With contributions from Flying Omelette, BJ Strykes, & jup

    When you put this game into your CD drive, it instantly goes to the BSOD. You must find the right "any" key to move on. Sequels include Green Screen of Death: Expansion Pack, Yellow Screen of Death: Pikachu Edition, and Red Screen of Death: BSOD Only RED!

    New versions available soon:

  • The console version: Blinking Grey Screen of Death!
  • The migraine-creating BSOD: Flashing Flourescent Color Version
  • The ezboard version: Non-CSC Pop-up Overload: Browser Crash Edition
  • The Atari 2600 version: The "colorful bars and strange shapes with strange sounds" screen of death

  • Break Furniture 64

    The object of the game is to break the most expensive furniture you can find! You start out at a party in your friend's apartment. You have a knife (for couch-slashing) and a rock (for breaking glass). You have to somehow get everyone out of the apartment and let loose! After beating that you move onto your neighbor's house, your house, the mayor's house, the governor's house, the town hall, the city courthouse, etc. Some of the final levels are the White House, and Martha Stewart's house!

    Moving through the game, you find better, and more effective equipment, but some cost money. You find money in couch cushions and in jars and desks that you break. Some equipment upgrades are: a jack hammer, an axe, a flamethrower, and much more!

    There is also a multiplayer mode, where you buy furniture and try to wreck your opponents' at the same time.

    Get Hit By a Car 64

    You start out in an alley in New York City, wearing a bum's clothing. You have to try to get hit by 1. As many cars, 2. The best cars, 3. Wearing different disguises. You have to run out into the street as fast as you can, because if you do it slowly, the cars will stop. The ending level includes wearing an astronaut's suit, in a busy street in Mexico City, and all of the cars are Porsche's, BMW's, and Corvettes. If you get hit by the Golden Ferrari, you get to play the bonus level, NYC: 2078; with hover cars and 3-D traffic.

    Pokemon Breeding Edition

    This is like any other Pokemon games, but you can cross-breed. Sometimes you get twisted, freaky pokemon, sometimes you get magnificent, captivating monsters. Breed every pokemon to win the game, which will take you years to do! 62,750 new choices! Wow!

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