Yes, "Proto Man and Mega Man" is all one person. That's just his username. Here are some of his best and funniest game ideas!

  • Boy Band 64
  • Crash Holly 64
  • Designated Driver 64
  • Generic Sidescroller 64
  • Homeless Man 64
  • McDonald's Employee 64
  • Super Mario Bros.: The Movie

  • Boy Band 64

    Yes, now you can live the life of a Boy Band. At the title screen you get a choice to be in N Sync, Backstreet boys, 98 Degrees, or 2Gether. Later add ons will add other boy bands. Basically, the whole game is about avoiding girls, going home to your girlfriends, singing songs, and finally getting your ass beaten BAD by other bands or boy bands.

    Crash Holly 64

    Yes, from the people that brought you Homeless Man 64 and Designated Driver 64 it's the exciting game about the Hardcore champ that defends the title 24/7. Watch out as Wrestlers, Managers, Hoes, Refs, Stooges, and even regular people try to become Hardcore Champ. Defend your title at all times. Warning: You may lose your personal life from playing this game. You must keep the game on 24/7 and play at all times so you don't lose the title.

    Designated Driver 64

    Yes, in this new exciting game you are the designated driver. Refuse the temptation to drink and advance from your friends to models. Level one: You and your friends are at your local watering spot. You play odds and evens and you lose. You are the designated driver and must stay sober. If you touch one drop of beer, your blood alcohol level goes up, and if you pass the legal limit at any time you wreck the car. If you stay sober you can play the fun mini-game, "Drive the Hot Chicks Home", and score with them. As levels advance, it takes less and less alcohol to get you drunk. 1% of the game's profits will go to Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Generic Sidescroller 64

    Yes! First you start and collect an item. 100 of them will give you an extra player. You can also collect special items that will make you unable to take hits, stronger, or use some sort of projectiles. Order now for a Generic System.

    Homeless Man 64

    New from Nintendo, a game about the less fortunate. Exciting levels include:

  • Searching dumpsters for food and other items
  • Stealing cardboard boxes from people so you have a place to sleep
  • Selling roses on the street
  • And the final level, the Window Washdown

    For up to 4 players in a shopping cart death match. 1% of the Profit will go to help homeless people.

  • McDonald's Employee 64

    Yes, now you get to experience what it is like to work for minimum wage. Such adventures as Cleaning the Fry Machine, the Burger Flipathon when Roger Ebert comes in, and Fixing the Milkshake Machine. Also, if you add the Lockon Cartridge Burger King Employee, and you can have a Burger Joint Deathmatch. With such weapons as raw Hamburger Patties, Cooked Hamburgers that are 3 weeks old, Old Fish and Chicken Sandwiches, and Warm Milkshakes.

    Super Mario Bros.: The Movie

    Yes, now you can play as bad acting John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins against the evil Dennis Hopper. You play all the exciting stages including fixing the van's radiator, the double date, and making the Goombas and Turtles dance in the elevator. Also included with the game is a copy of the worst movie ever made. Included is a 4 player devolution death match. You play as either Mario, Luigi, Daisy, and Toad against Evil Koopa, 8 foot goombas and turtles, and cops. And don't forget the bonus round: You get to slide down a tunnel on a mattress with a bunch of women!

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