Some funny game ideas from our good friend, Protocool.

  • Kill the Pikachu!
  • Most Retarded Game

  • Kill the Pikachu!

    The object of this game is to kill the Pikachu! How? Easy...just think of the most inhumane way to kill a pikachu and execute it, the more inhumane, the more points you get. You can use any weapon ever created, ranging from a club from the cavemen to an Iraqi Nuclear Scud, any weapon you desire. You get bigger points using better weapons. You can even run over Pikachu with a tank. Just remember. Kill Pikachu, get points. Get points, get better weapons. You will have to start with just your fist, then you will get new weapons, and you use those weapons to get better weapons. But beware! The Pikachu will clone itself so you have more Pikachus to kill! The more Pikachus, the more points! HEE HEE!! This game was developed and published by the Anti-Pikachu Co. Ltd.

    Most Retarded Game

    MRG will be truly the MOST RETARDED GAME EVER! The object of the game... well, there's none. MRG features clean graphics and it's mostly just a blank screen. What are you to do? Well.... I don't know. It's really a Retarded Game.. in fact, it's so retarded, it's not even classified as a game! So why am I doing this?! Oh well! Just to tell you about Most Retarded Game!

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