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  • Deathspork 64
  • Jobber James FP

  • Deathspork 64

    You are Deathspork, and your job is to destroy Funcoland and give a working NES and a copy of Contra to everyone you meet. Seek out each Funcoland and beat up the employees, take the video games, and fight the boss, which could be anything from a video game. Use powers such as: Sonic Booms, Skatter Guns, a towel which you can use to fly with, and the ART OF MISSILES to defeat the evil Funcoland Empire. At the end, you must fight the EvIl FuNcOmAn, who is threatening to blow up Konami, the makers of Contra and many more wonderful games. Win the game and you can change DS's colors from a wide variety, so wide I CAN'T REMEMBER!! Beat it 2 times in 1 day, and YOU CAN PLAY CONTRA!!! Cameos by many other people.

    Jobber James FP

    In this marvelous game, you star as James FP. Vince MacMahon (a wrestling promoter to be short) meets you, and tells you that he will pay you big bucks to get beat up. Even though you know almost nothing about wrestling, you say yes. You must get beat up by other wrestlers each night, and try and get a good gimmick. Until you get a gimmick, you keep gettin yo ass beat. Lose to the WWF Champs! Lose to other jobbers! LOSE TO WOMEN! If you finaly get a gimmick, you can try and do something you never cared about: BECOMING WORLD CHAMP! Doing this earns you more money, and gets the best ending. YOU'VE GOT 3 YEARS TO BECOME CHAMP OF SOME SORT, OR LOSE YOUR CONTRACT AND BE UN-EMPLOYED!

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