ErniePants's Rules of the BBS

I, the Omni-Wonder of the Universe, am now declaring myself supreme ruler and master of this ezboard! You must obey these rules:

1. You must make at least three posts a day declaring your unwavering loyalty to me, the Omni-Wonder of the Universe.

2. All game reviews must include a paragraph explaining why you think I am the supreme godly being and why you worship me.

3. All of your custom user titles shall now be "Pootyhead"!

4. You will no longer be allowed to have links in your signatures, unless they go to sites about pants!

5. No posting the letter "Q" between the hours of 3 pm and 10 pm EST.

6. Absolutely no discussing cheese or broccoli on these forums, anywhere!

7. All characters in your personal pictures must be wearing pants.

8. Between the hours of 7 am and 2:30 pm EST, you are not allowed to discuss anything except undergarments.

9. Everyone shall make at least one post a day at the Astral Plane, which is linked in my signature, even though I don't go there, myself, anymore.

10. Absolutely, positively, no breaking, bending, questioning, changing, or ignoring the rules!

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