Optimus Prime is a Senile Old Man

by Flying Omelette

1. In the episode, "Prime Problem", he gets Trailbreaker's name wrong (he calls him "Trailblazer".)

2. In the episode, "Child's Play", he introduces himself, Bumblebee, Inferno, and Perceptor to an alien child. However, he forgets to introduce Smokescreen who is also stranded with them on the planet.

3. He's always yelling at Blaster and Jazz to turn their music down.

4. Whenever a Decepticon shows up outside the ark, he chases them away, which is the equivalent of an old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

5. He's always dying and being brought back to life.

6. Here's Prime yelling at his troops to not bother him while he's on the throne.

7. He's always cranky. Here are some examples:

  • He grounded the Dinobots for playing a little too rough in the ark.
  • He yelled at Sideswipe for not handing over his rocketpack right away.
  • He wouldn't let Grapple and Hoist build a tower with their newfound friends.

    8. His voice is obviously modeled after John Wayne. Only old people like to imitate John Wayne anymore.

    9. There are unconfirmed reports of him driving down the highway with his left blinker light on.

    10. Here's a picture of him trying to teach the Hokey-Pokey to Prowl.

    11. PRIME EAT WORLD!!!

    Second Opinions

    Crawl and 1000:

    In response to #1: He purposefully called Trailbreaker by the wrong name in a calculated ploy to lower Trailbreaker's self esteem. Prime wanted Trailbreaker to know that their leader cared so little for him personally that Prime couldn't even be bothered to pronounce his name correctly.

    In response to #2: Once again, he didn't forget to introduce Smokescreen. Prime knows 'screen is a worthless member of their team, and by ignoring his existence he's making sure Smokescreen knows that, too.

    In response to #3: Anyone would do the exact same thing. These are two of the most annoying transformers ever.

    So, in conclusion, Prime isn't senile. He's just a manipulative jerk.


    Um...wtf is up with that comic book picture? Why is there a badly-drawn 50-foot Prime destroying the earth? And why are there GIANT HUMAN HEADS floating in the sun and smiling at a badly-drawn 50-foot Prime destroying the earth?


    "For the last time, I'm NOT telling you where my trailer goes when I transform! Now get out of here and find out who stole the background!"

    Minerva K Red:

    The only thing he needs is a truck driver vocabulary.

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