Transformers Poems

by Flying Omelette

Bluestreak Haiku

More than meets the eye
Your surfboard's out of control
Transform and roll out!

Bluestreak Limerick

There once was a car named Bluestreak
You could say he was very unique
He blew his transmission
In a compromising position
And now his friends all think he's a freak

Ode to Tracks

Tracks is a flying blue Corvette Stingray
Jazz said he hangs out in carwashes all day

He investigated a night club called "Dancitron"
Which turned out to be owned by Decepticons

He made a movie with friends, Hoist and Sunstreaker
He once was crucified on a gigantic speaker

He likes to prowl the New York City streets
He stopped a runaway train with his feet

He takes to the skies as a flying Corvette
But is knocked to the ground by the seeker Ramjet

His partner in crime is the boom box Blaster
When it comes to vanity, Tracks is the master

If he runs out of power, he starts to get weak
He once ran a race, but lost to Bluestreak (sort of)

Many Autobot voices have a southern drawl
But Tracks speaks fluently with a Harvard Lockjaw

He'd much rather stay in his "stunning auto mode"
In the "Cosmic Rust" ep, he began to corrode*

He once battled Starscream in an aerial duel
And befriended a street kid named Raoul

He fought Insections and lost both times
He played basketball with Optimus Prime

He captured a Stunticon with Warpath's assistance
And had trouble getting appointments with Hoist for maintenance

He ended a Decepticon car theft ring
And got mad when drones attacked the Chrysler Building

He doesn't like getting burned up by Shrapnel's fire
He's just an ordinary car...if you cut his main wire

The rockets on his hood are drawn a bit too small
Dead End described him as, "A flying car! How droll!"

Mike McConnohie is the voice of Cosmos, Vampire Hunter D, and Tracks
And he also once wrote for Digimon and Samurai Pizza Cats

One time he was captured by a big game hunter
But he also fought pirates who were ready to plunder

So if you need an Autobot, then it's a pretty good bet
That you can count on Tracks, the blue Stingray Corvette

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