Was this the beginning of the end of our Ezboard romance? Maybe...

Sounds like the greatest update in Ezboard history. They only broke 5 things this time instead of the usual double-digit integer.

For once, I cause the Topic 180. Go, me!

The Cheese Doodles and I had a breakup over creative differences. Don't get me wrong, we parted on good terms. It was just never meant to be.

That's why I was grateful for the existence of this board back then. There's no place else you could get up-to-the-minute news like this and who knows what would've happened had I not.

Jesus Christ, Ash, don't blow my cover!

That sounds vaguely familiar...

Wow, and that 5.1 picture still works after all these years! Even the power of Ezboard couldn't bring it down.

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