This one makes me wonder where the education in this country is going. *sigh* ~James FP~

Okay, so Benji shows up one day proclaiming that he had an awesome school day because he got a nosebleed. I mean, he's not only happy that he got a nosebleed, but he's happy that he got it twice! Bear in mind, this is the same guy who was wondering why females don't chase him in "The Clumsy Community".

Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking, so that's what I said.

I can't believe how many people at this board LIKE getting nosebleeds!!

I just learned more about ASH35's immune system than I ever thought I'd possibly know.

Thanks to DEVILRAYS, this topic is about to do a 90 degree turn...

Thank you, S R 2000. Where would we be without you?

And there's the showstopper.

.......With people like this respsonible for our education, is it any wonder we sometimes acted like such idiots?

As I said in "Citizen James", that's completely true.

FO elevates topic-180's into an art form.

Maybe that explains NBG's mysterious disappearance...

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