Several months after we began steady work on this site, a user from the Game Pond showed up on our forums and slammed us for picking on TermiteJr too much. The politics of that situation aside, I wondered if maybe there might have been some truth to it. Maybe we are a little rough on the little bugger, even if he did give us goofy things like "Termite and Corperated", and "Did u make a typo NBG?", or that review of The Bouncer, amongst other things. I began to think that maybe we should cut him some slack...but then I saw...THIS. ~James FP~

No joke, this is exactly what it looks like: TermiteJr is getting excited about the release of Hey You, Pikachu! on the Nintendo 64. Yes, TermiteJr wants to talk to Pikachu.

When I saw that I had replied to this topic, a feeling of pure white terror ran down my spine at all the imagined possibilities of embarrassing statements on the upcoming release of Hey You, Pikachu! that may have theoretically spilled out of my hellhole. Thank GOODNESS it was a neutral comment.

But it isn't enough that Hey You, Pikachu! is being released in North America, Termite wants it EVEN SOONER!!

Holy...I mean...I have no idea how to respond to that, except... makes this recent post by Flying Omelette on that user seem like the understatement of the decade.

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