A poll by Deathspork and the tallied results. ~James FP~

Uh...what the hell do the Dreamcast and the NGPC have to do with each other? Only Devilrays Logic knows...

You know, it is possible to be a fan of Square without seeming like a total dork about it...

Answer #2 was the entire basis of DBDH Arena 2's outcome.

Someone named it "Game of the Year". Don't remember who it was, though.

Uh, yeah...hardly anyone even talks about their Batman games and what's so "crap" about TMNT?

My brother, you were so young and cute on ezboard back then!

Results of Deathspork's Poll:

Favorite Game Company:
Square (8 votes)

Who Would Win in a Fight - Square vs. Konami:
Konami (11 votes)

Who Could Make the Worst Game - Data East or Eidos:
Eidos (11 votes)

Lowest Point in Video Game History:
End of the SNES era/Push to Next-Gen (6 votes)

Who Makes the Best Music:
Square (13 votes)

Will WonderSwan or NGPC Make an Impact:
No (9 votes)

It's kind of surprising to me that Square won as the overall favorite game company and yet the end of the 16-bit era was seen by the most people as the lowest point in videogame history. I guess people around here just liked their older games more.

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