The fourth in a series of polls by Ozzie the Cubby Bear and the tallied results. ~James FP~

"Yes" doesn't answer #8.

LOL @ #2, Kiera.

@ #5: That was a close one, CB007, you almost caused the Apocalypse.

You have witnessed the derring feats of the Poll-Taking Master. You may stop staring in awe now.


Ha ha @ #1, BJ!

Wow, Magnus, what did you do with the Gardenho account that pissed everyone off so badly? (Not that Devilrays calling someone a jerk isn't a pot 'n' kettle argument.)

LOL @ #5.

I don't even remember TermiteJr doing that. I guess he was annoying in more ways than we realized.

Damn, Magnus. You even got Pero on your back. You're usually the most mellow guy around. If the Gardenho thing was a prank, you must've pulled it off a little too well.

*Cough* *Cough* *cough* @ #1.

I agree with #8.

Sorry. The winds of time have transformed FatShnoo into the dreaded Rex X. Here's what she really looks like:

Results of Ozzie's 4th Poll:

1. Which celebrity of the opposite sex (or same sex, I suppose) do you find most attractive?
Don't Know (4 votes)
Male Winner = Kurt Browning (2 votes)
Female Winner = Jennifer Love Hewitt (2 votes)

2. What is the most important attribute of a video game console?
That it has good games. (12 votes)

3. Do you believe the American education system is actually designed to make kids too stupid to become politicians, thereby keeping all the upper-class persons in power?
Yes (8 votes)

4. Which American headline do you believe is the most significant of 1999?
B. Two students kill 13, injure 23, commit suicide at Columbine High School (13 votes)

5. The vast majority of the world's nations have opted to defer authority to a strong world government. There are two major forces in the running for world leadership - one led by Flying Omelette and one led by GARDENHO. Who do you vote for?
Flying Omelette (13 votes)

6. Which do you believe the tasty bird Shnoo looks like?
A. An egg (13 votes)

7. Which is the best name for the new kitten who has taken over my house?
D. Mewtwo (totally evil, can only say "Mew" and what could be made out to be "Two") (10 votes)

8. Will the stock market go up or down if an NFL team that is neither old-NFL or old-AFL wins the Super Bowl?
9. Don't Know (9 votes)

Do you find JANSPORK's "Balls" pics amusing or annoying?
Amusing (10 votes)

10. Is Devilrays going crazy writing these polls?
No (8 votes)

Final Comments:

#1: I guess that's what happens when most of the females on the forum are ice skating fans.

#3: Ha ha! I guess a lot of us think the American school system is pretty fucked up.

#4: No surprise that that would be the most significant headline to gamers.

#5: Almost seems like a portent in retrospect...

#7: I think he did end up naming it Creampuff after all.

#8: Hey, Devilrays! You never told us the story behind that one, you big jerk!

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