The fifth in a series of polls by Ozzie the Cubby Bear and the tallied results. ~James FP~

If you don't vote in your own poll, D-Rays, why should you expect anyone else to?

The setup is the best part of an RPG? That's a new one... You know what the best thing about Final Fantasy 6 is? That friggin' awesome menu screen!

It's a good thing everyone was saving up all that extra water to fend off the Y2K explosions.

Nine years later and I can still hear those tooth brushing sounds drilling their way into my frontal lobes. If a worse advertising campaign ever existed, I have yet to find it.

Really? Usually the ratings seem just about right to me.

I really, really, really agree with BJ's comments about the Coca Cola commercials. I hated those fake-looking, creepy slowmotion bears and penguins right from the get-go.

Results of Ozzie's 5th Poll:

1. What kind of preparations have you made for Y2K?
None (4 votes)

2. What's so great about RPG's, anyway?
Just about everything. (8 votes)

3. Who of the following is your favorite young female music stars?
None (7 votes)
Otherwise a tie between C. Christina Aguilera (2 votes) and D. Brandy (2 votes)

4. What was the worst holiday ad campaign this year?
Tie: Old Navy (2 votes), All of Them Were Bad (2 votes), None of Them Were Bad (2 votes)

5. In your opinion, who was the greatest athlete of the century?
Don't Know (5 votes)
Otherwise, Jim Thorpe (2 votes)

6. Have you voted in the DEVILRAYS Game Poll yet?
No (7 votes)

7. What is your stand on video game censorship?
Against Censorship (11 votes)

Final Comments:

#1: Despite not having taken much of any preparations for Y2K, most of the Game Pond community survived (except maybe SkyLord...)

#2: Okay, almost everyone said multiple things were great about RPGs, so I had to classify them all as "Just About Everything".

#5: I'm surprised Kurt Browning didn't win again...

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