I think Ozzie finally lost his mind. ~James FP~

C'mon, not everything can be "freakin funny", people.

You don't get the Super Bowl commercials as don't understand them? Or as in, you literally don't get them on your TV station? Oh wait...

Results of Ozzie's 6th Poll:

1. What's your favorite high-stakes game show?
A. ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (9 votes)

2. What's the most exciting element of these shows?
A. The $64,000 and above questions on "Millionaire" (9 votes)

3. What game show feature is your personal favorite?
A. Lifelines (Millionaire) (8 votes)

4. What's the best way to pick contestants?
A. Fastest Finger question (Millionaire) (9 votes)

5. Which jackpot do you believe you would have the best chance of winning?
A. $1,000,000 from "Millionaire" (8 votes)

6. What would you do with your jackpot?
Tie: Don't Know/Care (3 votes) and College (3 votes)

7. What did you think of the ads shown during the Super Bowl?
Didn't Watch Them (7 votes)
Otherwise, they were okay/good (3 votes)

Final Comments:

Not really much to say, except that no one else seemed anywhere near as interested in those goofy game shows as D-Rays was...I didn't even vote in this one.

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