Skylord has some issues he needs resolved. ~James FP~

Oh, man, what a poser I was back then. At this point, I hadn't even yet finished Final Fantasy 6 and only played up to the part when you first reach Figaro Castle. I also said Lufia 2 was better than Lufia 1 without actually having played Lufia 1, and I never finished Lufia 2 either. I got stuck on the stupid grass cutting puzzle in one of the caves and quit.

Results of Skylord's Poll:

Favorite RPG:
Final Fantasy 6 (4 write-in votes)
Wild Arms (4 votes)

Do People Like SkyLord:
Yes (9 votes)

Do People Hate SkyLord:
No (9 votes)

Favorite Final Fantasy:
Final Fantasy 6 (8 votes)

Is Lufia 1 or 2 better:
Lufia 2 (6 votes)

Is 78 Playstation games too many:
No (8 votes)

Damn it, Skylord! It was unanimous that we all liked you and yet you still disappeared into oblivion without even so much as saying goodbye. Screw you!

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