Okay, I'm not going to archive the entire topic because a lot of the posts were just long lists of games and stuff people got, but here are the more interesting entries. ~James FP~

All those games and the things FO is most excited about are her new pajamas.

Great Fucking Froot Loops! All that shit and you're still mad about not getting a laptop?? Talk about greed.

I had that same exact experience with Ogre Battle 64.

I have no idea why I made that face in the middle of my post. Must've been a temporary case of hypocalcemia.

Of course it is! It's the game where Mewkies are all time!

YOU LUCKY BITCH!!! That's what I wanted!

Crawl got the best Christmas present ever.

.... Was that meant to be tongue-in-cheek? My sarcasm detector's not functioning right now.

That's usually what it's like for me, too.

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