WTF is it with Game Pond people? I'm surprised half of them are still alive after reading The Clumsy Community, but it seems you can't even take them to parties without the same damn thing happening! And most of them aren't even drunk yet! ~James FP~

Why, BJ, why?? What hast thou wrought?

How do you accidentally put a lawnmower into a garbage can and then push it into a pool? It seems like that sequence of events would be unlikely to happen all by chance. Well, at least he didn't get hit in the head with it this time.

Lemme guess. It was right after the truck have started to move.

NBG's post almost seems like it could be just a random anecdote. I'm guessing it happened at a party, but he sure didn't indicate it.

That's what I say. But I've known people who can be real assholes like that, too.

No, no, no, FO. That's not true. Haven't you ever seen Charlie Brown's Christmas?

Oh, man, that's my family reunion parties in a fucking nutshell.

Sounds like the best party ever.

Hobbes, why am I getting the feeling this happens more often than that...

I think the moral of the story here is, don't invite any of us to parties.

Only you could have done that, Magnus. That's why we love you!

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