Stop Gary Coleman Jokes Now!

by James FP

Okay, people, if you are guilty of doing this, please do everything within your power to stop, NOW!

Gary Coleman jokes!!

The lowdown on Gary Coleman jokes:

1. They are not funny.

2. They never were funny.

3. You are NOT the first person to think of doing a Gary Coleman joke.

I have nothing against Gary Coleman. I do, however, have something against the countless people on the internet who act like they're the first and only person to ever think of saying, "Whatchoo talkin' 'about, Willis?" on message boards or making some other form of Gary Coleman joke!

For goodness sakes, QUIT IT!!!

Thank you!

Update 2013: I realize this article is in somewhat poor taste since Mr. Coleman's death. I had thought about taking it down, but unfortunately, the number of times I got trolled by unfunny people on message boards with a "Gary Coleman" username in the early 2000's has not faded enough yet. R.I.P. to the real Mr. Coleman. I hope the impostors I encountered at GameFAQs and OCRemix in particular have gone straight to hell by now.

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